Breastfeeding Sports Bra

The spotlight this week is on our Breastfeeding Sports Bra

This Breastfeeding Sports Bra is quite a popular item on our website, and it has received rave reviews from mums.  (You can read the reviews on the product page here Sports Nursing Bra)  Great for mild exercise.

We have trialled a few different sports bras, by the same manufacturer as this one and also by other brands.  But in our consumer trials (jogging mums) this one comes out tops.

And the reason why a Breastfeeding Sports bra is so useful?  Well, as one mums says “With these milky boobs I don’t want so much jiggle when I’m active.  I can’t wait to use it as my baby doesn’t seem to understand that when I get in from a run or bike that she can’t eat straight away!!”

This bra is also comfortable and supportive to wear anytime, particularly if you don’t like lacey bras.

Our product page has info for sizing, and of course we do have a no-fuss returns policy so you don’t need to worry about buying online and getting the size wrong as its easy for us to swap it for you.

Click here for more info or to purchase the Breastfeeding Sports Bra