Click and Go Bottle Warmer FAQ

Some commons questions about the Click and Go Bottle Warmer

The Click and Go Bottle Warmer is a great product to help make life a little bit easier when out & about with bubs.   So great it’s won “Best Portable Warmer in the My Child awards”.   But it might sound a bit confusing about this warmer, and how it works without any batteries or power input.   It’s reusable!    So here’s some common questions:

Q. If it doesn’t use electricity or batteries then how does it heat?
A. Put your lab coat on because we are about to get a bit technical! Inside the gel pouch is a non toxic substance called sodium acetate. Sodium acetate is used in many household applications and is even a food additive (the primary flavouring in salt and vinegar crisps). Sodium acetate freezes at 54 degree Celcius (130 degree Fahrenheit). If you click the metal disc in our gel wrap at room temperature you induce this spontaneous freezing of the sodium acetate and that creates heat. So in short- its real life magic!

Q. How do I recharge it?
A. Simply boil it in a pot of actively boiling water (be sure to read the instruction manual for full details). The crystals in the pouch will dissolve and go back to the original liquid state.

Q. How many times can I reuse it?
A. Hundreds (literally). We’ve click these pouches hundreds of times at demonstrations over the course of years and they just keep going. Eventually they’ll hit retirement but not until you’ve used it hundreds of times.

Q. How long does it take to warm a bottle, milk bag, food pouch?
A. There is no single answer for this as a frozen bottle will of course take a lot longer than a room temp bottle and it also depends on how much liquid is in the bottle and the shape of the bottle (how much surface contact there is). Here is a general guide based on the gel warmer packed inside the insulated bag and note times may vary

150ml bottle, approx. 15-20 min. Warming from 18 degrees to drinking temp for bub.
240ml bottle, approx. 20-30 min. Warming from 18 degrees to drinking temp for bub.
120ml Food Pouch, approx. 5-10 min. Warming from 18 degrees to eating temp for bub.
180ml Breast Milk Bag, approx. 7-12 min. Warming from 18 degrees to drinking temp for bub.

Top Tip: Pop the bottle/pouch in early. The warmer wont over heat the bottle/pouch! So when bubs ready for a feed you’ll reach over and pull out your pouch/bottle warmed to perfection.

Q. How close do I have to time the warming of my bottle pouch?
A. Depending on what you are warming (refer to above Q&A) you can pop in your bottle or pouch anywhere from 30-45 minutes before the feed for best results and rest assured knowing it won’t overheat.

Q. How long will it keep my bottle/pouch warm for?
A. The gel wrap will heat up and stay warm for approximately 1 hour, at which point it will start to cool down and crystalize (turn hard).

Q. What if I need to warm 2 or more bottles/pouches whilst I am out?
A. Easy, just be sure to have 2 or more gel wraps with you. They are compact and fit easily into any nappy bag. When you get home you can recharge them together in the one pot.

Q. I recharged it but it went solid by itself. What do I do?
A. This is an easy fix and it just means the crystals hadn’t yet fully dissolved in the boiling process. Boil it again and this time for 5 minutes longer than you did before. For full troubleshooting please refer to our instruction manual.