Maternity clothes online store

You’ll find an extensive range of maternity clothes available at our online store…

Why Choose Breastmates For Maternity Clothes?

You’ll find an extensive range of maternity clothes available at our online store. Breastmates carry everything from maternity dresses, singlets, camisoles, nursing bras, maternity jeans, maternity shorts, skirts, tops and even maternity hosiery.

The maternity sizes available usually range from size small up to XXL, with a selection of garments available in plus size maternity.

The maternity clothing range we stock at Breastmates is suitable for any mum-to-be.  Our customers enjoy a good fit, quality garments, quality fabric and construction, easy-care, and affordable prices. As well as a product guarantee of course!

Our maternity clothing prices are affordable – that’s important. We understand that for many families budgets for maternity clothes are tight, especially as you may be finishing work soon and starting maternity leave, and have a tonne of things to buy for baby!

That’s why we focus solely on quality affordable garments, yet garments that will be useful for longer than just the nine months of pregnancy. The clothing can be worn postpartum, and many of the tops have specialbreastfeeding designs or built-in nursing bras, so that you can still wear them long after baby is born. Our unique clothing designs will allow for use long after your big belly is gone – and they won’t ‘stretch out’.

We also have ranges of garments that are in the higher price brackets, (due to the use of premium fabrics, or because they are New Zealand made), but still of excellent value.

Many of the maternity clothes sold at Breastmates are unique to our online store (we have the exclusive distribution rights for some brands). That means that you won’t find them at any baby stores, and that you’ll seldom ‘bump’ (excuse the pun) into someone wearing the same thing as you! Or if you do find someone wearing the same skirt or top, you’ll know that they have the Breastmates secret too!

The type of person that will suit Breastmates maternity clothing range is most likely to be… you! Have a look around our online store, and you’ll soon find something you like!