Choosing baby gear

Some easy tips on what to consider when you’re shopping for baby gear

What to consider when choosing baby gear

At Breastmates we understand it can often be a daunting task when purchasing baby gear for your little one (especially for first time mums to be). To make life a little easier we’ve prepared a few tips on what to consider when you’re shopping for baby gear.

Think seasonal

If you are still pregnant when buying your first baby layette, consider your due date and the season it falls on. Not all baby stores will have the season range in stock. For example, if you are pregnant during the winter months and your baby is due in summer, then you’ll need to wait until the store has summer stock for newborns.

However if you want to take advantage of any current baby gear or clothing sales in the store then it’s a great idea to estimate how old your baby will be next winter so you can not only take advantage of a sale but also have a small stash of baby clothes for when your child is older.

Buy quality products

Check the quality of clothing when you are out buying. Avoid choosing thin, stiff cotton garments. These days most baby clothes are soft cotton knit.

Look for baby clothes with domes

When buying t-shirts and jumpers, look for items that have domes on the shoulders that enable you to open the neck out wider. This will help make it easier to dress your baby and stop the neckline stretching.

Baby trousers and pants often have domes on the bottom allowing you to easily unfasten them for nappy changes without having to undress your baby.

Also look for baby pyjamas that have domes on the bottom (so that when you do a night feed and nappy change you don’t have to undress baby).

Buy smarter

Baby fashions don’t really change much, particularly for newborns. So if you choose the right sort of garments it is likely that you could save them for future children. Particularly for newborn and small size garments which don’t get very much wear and tear.

If you think that you might save the clothes for future children, avoid buying gender specific colours and stick to neutrals and white.

Baby clothes don’t get a lot of wear, although they do get changed frequently due to spills and accidents. We recommend that you buy 3-4 garments in each style (e.g. 3-4 singlet’s, 3-4 t-shirts, 3-4 pants etc). This means that you’ll have one in the wash, one spare, and one to wear.

Baby clothing sizes typically include Prem, NB, 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 based on ages.

Good luck with your new arrival!