Maternity made in NZ

We have some new maternity wear available online. Flattering gorgeous designs that will last well beyond 9 months…

We’ve got some new maternity tunics in stock.  They are super flattering for throughout your pregnancy.  Most mums-to-be wouldn’t dream of wearingmaternity clothes for longer than 9 months, but its actually a reality for most mums.  (Sorry to tell you this truth).

Even after your precious bundle of joy arrives, you won’t return to your pre-pregnancy shape.  There’ll be a bit of jelly belly, a squishy tummy, extra padded bum, and an ’empty baby sack’.

So we always recommend mums buy maternity clothes in styles that will take you beyond the 9 months, so you get more wear for your investment.

This new range of maternity clothes does just that.

mrssmith_koruskirt_150x200 mrssmith_tunicorchid_150x200 mrssmith_tunicblack_150x200
Printed Maternity Tunic
with a funky orchid print at the side
Merino maternity tunic which is
so versatile

(We also have customers that are not pregnant that are buying them.  The skirt is especially gorgeous).

Made right here in New Zealand!

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