Meet Daniela

28 weeks pregnant & our new face

Meet Daniela, mum of a busy 3 year old, and 28 weeks preggers with another bundle of joy.  Daniela is a gorgeous tall brunette, with a little previous modelling experience.  After the shoot she txt me “Thanks I had fun and all your clothing is beautiful and so comfortable!”

It was awesome seeing my designs on a real pregnant body as they had been on my sketch pad and mannequin for ages!  I had been quite anxious about all this!

I took a great series of Behind The Scenes photos to blog about.  They were really cool shots from Hair and Makeup, Studio, Lighting, Laptop tether, shoes lined up, my lovely hotel room and pizza room service, but sadly, very dramatic, I’ve lost all the info on my iphone yesterday.  (trying not to freak out about that).

So for now, I’ll just show you our existing styles that are IN STOCK now, which Daniela modelled.   We also did our winter range – but those are still on the way……

I tried to do better styling and accessories for this shoot, but I need to practise that!

Special thanks to all the crew involved:: Daniela, Hannah, Lara, Isabelle, Roxy

Glamour-Dress-Full-length-1Glamourous  Gloroius-Full-side--1Glorious
adored-maternity-lightblue-frontAdored Top NEW Sky Blue colour flutter-top-with-maternityFlutter Top
Weave-Front-Maxi-Full-2-1Weave Front Maxi Dress Spirit-Maternity-Dress-Full-Front-1Spirit Dress
essential-maternity-skirt-front-with-handEssential Black Skirt Breastfeeding-Hoodie-Side-1Fleece Hoodie
black-maternity-shorts-rolled-down-Zen Shorts black-maternity-pants-frontEverywhere Maternity Pant

black-maternity-pants-folded-downZen Pants

P.S  A very big thanks to everyone that recently put yourselves forward to help with our winter maternity shoot.  I was a tad swamped with responses, and so flattered that many of you wanted to be involved.  Thank you.  I’m sorry that I could not reply to all of you.