Franny’s winter designs

My new designs of maternity and breastfeeding clothes are here

It is with great relief that the truck with my winter cargo has finally arrived….I’m sorry that its taken so long for me to reveal the new styles!  This is what I’ve been working on for ages!

It seems like ages ago that I was in China myself, checking on these garments. You can read about my solo trip here: My Trip to China.

I hope you like these….

All of the tops are suitable for breastfeeding too, with different ways of opening.

From this little plan…


To this production and photoshoot!

Mellow Sweater Side

Mellow Sweater

Revive Maternity Tunic Hand On Hip

Revive Tunic

Chillax Nursing Sweatshirt Front

Chillax Sweatshirt

Precious Wrap Dress Leg Crop

Darling Wrap Dress

Zest Maternity Nursing Top Front

Zesty Long Sleeve Top

Viva Two Tone Maternity Top Front

Viva Two Tone Top

Berry Essence Side

Essence LS TunicBerry

Black Essence

Essence LS Tunic Black

Waterfall Wrap Side

Waterfall Drape Cardi

Glorious Dress FullGlorious Dress Breastfeeding Hoodie Front RedFleece Hoodie Black Maternity Pants Folded DownZen Pants

Cotton Leggings 3Quarter

3Quarter Under Bump Leggings

Cotton Leggings Under Bump Front

Under Bump Cotton Leggings

Footless Maternity Tights SeamlessFootless Maternity Tights


Maternity Skirt with HandEssential Skirt Flip Out Skirt Black Side Flipped Out Reversible Skirt Other side grey