My New Summer Styles

I am so excited to announce that my new Summer Maternity Clothes have finally arrived.  I’ve been waiting a long time, everything was behind schedule but that’s another story…    I’m feeling nervous, excited, and proud to show you what I have been working on over the past months.  I hope you like them.  (But I’m not forcing you to!)

Special thanks to the team at my factory (who I visited in China earlier this year, you can read about my trip), and to Lara for the photos and the amazingly kind-hearted and beautiful Krystal for modelling them.  (Krystal was 28 weeks which in hindsight I think was a good size to show both maternity and post-baby size tummies).

oh… and you also might notice a revamp of my website pages.  That’s been my other project – and owe big thanks to the guys at Online Asset Partners who have been helping me on this.

It has been a really busy time….  tired……

Summer-Maternity Clothes