Popular Purchases

“You have a great selection of very useful products for our baby stages,” said Bridget

Thank YOU for spending some time on my website, and if you are reading this blog post that is an extra bonus!

I run my business from a studio / mini-warehouse set up in Cambridge; 99% of orders are processed through the website and I pack and send out on the overnight courier.  1% of the orders are from Waikato locals that pop into see me.

Of course everything is confidential with your order, and I really appreciate that you choose to shop with me.  Sometimes I try and guess information while I am standing here packing your order.  I make up little stories about where the parcels are going!  Some have clues….

Eg: a customer that has recently found out she is pregnant might purchase:

bellybeltnew_100x133 bando_new_100x133 ginger_100x133
Belly Belt Belly Band Ginger Lozenge

A customer that has an expanding bump might purchase:

maternitycroppants2_100x133 black_front_100x133 peadpodtop2_100x133
Zen Maternity Shorts Glamour Dress Maternity Tops

A customer who is very close to her due date, and is packing her hospital bag in anticipation may purchase the following (these also apply to a mum that has arrived home with a newborn baby)

hydrogel_sample_100x133 cami-attach_100x133 breastmates_breast_pads2_100x133
Hydrogel Discs Clip-on-Cami Breast Pads

A lady that is returning to work, or starting to introduce a bottle may purchase:

medela_swing_breast_pump_100x133 430_avent_dispenser_100x133 369_medela_sterilistaion_bags_100x75
Breast Pump Formula Container Sterilisation Bags

Perhaps a customer that has been through these previous stages, and has an older baby, might return to our store to purchase equipment for the next stage:

freezercubes2_100x75 jjbibsbaby_100x133 made4baby_bubblebath_100x133
Solids Starter Set Wipeable Bib Bubble Bath

Then sometimes, I can tell if the customer is actually the husband/dad who is purchasing for his special lady.  Of course I’m making a mass generalisation when I say this.  But other clues also include a request to gift wrap, and then a little message that he wants written on a card!  So sweet!   His order might be:

hotmilk_showstoppingeleagan_100x133 so_vanllmodel_100x133 smartballs1_100x133
Sexy Maternity Nightie Hotmilk Bra Pelvic Floor Toning

(This blog post was based on mass generalisation, and trends that we have noticed. Not your actual order history)