Hemp Breast Pads

Did you know that our Hemp Breast Pads were our founding product when our online business started in 2004? We’ve come a long way since then, but we still have our breast pads too.

Here is some shared feecback about the nursing pads.

Just wanted to say the Hemp breast pads are fantastic! So much better than the cotton ones! I wish I’d got them sooner, I had actually bought several pairs of new winter pyjamas as I was soaking a pyjama top each night. But now the Hemp breastpads work so well, I can last several nights with one top, plus they’re quick drying when washed so they’re dry the same day. Plus they are so gentle and comfortable on the breast I wish I’d had them when I had sore nipples in the first few weeks. I can’t believe I’ve been soaked and cold most nights for 7 months! I’ll definitely be recommending the hemp breastpads to any pregnant women and new Mums I know!

The hemp breast pads are the best i’ve ever used……….baby no.3 is 13months and yes I still leak. you have a fantastic website and your service is faultless. This is my last baby, but I will definately be spreading the Breastmates word. THANKS!!

I have the hemp nursing pads and they are brilliant! Because they are fabirc when you open your bra to feed you can wedge them in under your breast and you arent having to hang onto a normal breast pad out in the open, and when you are finished they are discreet and easy to reposition. Plus they hold HEAPS of liquid!!

I found the hemp breast pads very effective – the first thing I have found so far that doesn’t leak!

I have been meaning to order the hemp breast pads for some time. I pretty much only use the hemp set which seem to do the job and stay the same shape/size with machine washing! However, one set is not really enough, hence my order.

Great thanks very much Frances The breast pads are a baby shower gift as I think they are just the best!

I have already purchased breastfeeding bras off you (after being recommended your site by my sister in law) and breast pads. Your hemp breast pads are fantastic. Really comfortable to wear and discreet. I’ve found that they are basically invisible under tops as they are so thin and larger than the others I have which obviously appear as little circles underneath my top saying “look at me I’m wearing breast pads!” I would highly recommend your ones them to anyone. Get lots so you can change them regularly and feel fresh and clean and you don’t have the added pressure of getting the washing done so that you can rest and take care of baby!

We’ve just had baby # 2, and it seems my milk supply is as abundant as first time around, so another couple of pairs of those fantastic pads are in order. They really are great for someone with fast let-down and lots of leakage! Love them! I recommend them to everyone! 🙂

The hemp breast pads are absolutely brilliant! Soft, comfy and (for this rather prolific leaker) a life saver (ok that’s an exaggeration but you get the fact that I’m very pleased).

The nursing pads seem really great and I will definitely be buying more.

Last year I found your products very good for my daughter and new surprise grandson, she loved the breast pads. As that is our last grandchild we no longer require your products. Many Thanks For A Superior Product.

I found you after searching google for decent washable breast pads – yours rock!

These pads are very comfortable to wear. They are so trim, hence are very discreet. I love them

Hi Frances. The breast pads arrived the next day, awesome service and they make a big difference. I will be sure to pass on your details to others.

I got given a pair of these and they’re BRILLIANT, soft to the touch, leak-proof and large enough that they can move around without exposing the nipple. Recommended!

I have one set of your 100% merino breast pads that I use occasionally – I’m a heavy leaker (I’m feeding a 13 month old and a three weeker, so lots of milk) so my preference is actually your hemp pads, I have three sets of those and use one set a day. Probably use the merino ones once every couple of days.

I don’t get leaks in the hemp pads, even at night. I love that they feel heavy when I remove them – because they’ve done their job and have caught a lot of leaks – yet the microfleece next to my skin is always dry (unless the leak is really recent). My hemp pads have had a number of months use and get washed and dried daily either in the dryer or out on the line in the sun, so have reached a fantastic absorbency level and would out do a gel filled disposable breast pad easily.

Your pads are definitely a better size and already they are such a huge improvement to the others I have purchased – they are also nice to wear against the skin and I don’t see any problems with them starting to stick to the nipple either so very happy on those fronts.

My favourite would have to be the hemp ones simply because they are more trim and not as bulky (compared to wool breast pads) under clothing – if you know what I mean? I’m really small sized by nature, and I like to feel like a woman and wear relatively figure hugging clothing…. interestingly enough, I’ve a friend who has been using the wool ones and she thinks they’re great – so there you go! Another independent review!

The hemp breastpads are great…. Machine washable AND able to go in the dryer – a real bonus. I have a heavy letdown and the hemp breast pads have never leaked and they are always dry and comfortable, which is something I didn’t expect from a washable breastpad. They’re also much more discreet than the disposables as they don’t bunch up and they’re easier to place. Fantastic product.

Hi Frances, got the hemp breastpads – they are great!! Much better than the other ones I had been using – especially as they don’t shift around, they dry fast and they are comfy as they are less fluffy so don’t stick – brilliant!

I have never used washable Breast pads before so was interested in what they were like. They were easy to use and I found them very comfortable. I would use them again.

A comparison of our Breast Pads with some other brand of washable breast pad:

  • Pad A: Presentation is wonderful overall, Pad B is stiched better than pad A, No discoloration at all with this product, no odour or residue with this one. Absoloutly easy and fuss free to wash!!! I had a few problems with leaks with this one, it did not quite soak up in time and we had a leak.  This pad lasted for at least 2 hours but we had probs with leaks,
  • Pad B: Presentation is Excellent, These work absoloutly wonderful, no leakages, no uncomfort, no discolouration these work the best to any other brand that I have EVER used!! I am quite pleased they are supersoakers!! We had a rough spill of around 12 mills and we did not get a leak at all, the pad absorbed everything!! and still was not uncomfortable to wear as it STAYED DRY!!!! EXCELLENT and also fuss free to wash!!!  Pad B’s stitching is much better quality though if i were to purchase them i would deffinatly pay good money as they are wonderful. This lasted for 5 hours   Hope my feedback helps you with your new product and I hope I get to test for you again it was wonderful, 🙂

For the record, the Pad B that this lady was referring to is our Hemp Breast Pads