The Amazing Unimom Forte Pump

Email received from Emily Steele 10 September 2019.


Hi Franny,

I hope you’re having a nice week. I’m just emailing to thank you so much for your amazing service, everything about your business is just wonderful!

My baby Rupert was born late last year with some pretty severe oral restrictions and feeding issues. We were discharged from hospital and I was pumping every 2-3 hours for a long time (many months!) trying to get him to latch. I had purchased the medela swing maxi double pump from Babycity but unfortunately I had nothing but trouble with it! I was constantly needing to return to the store to have parts replaced and the suction and motor rechecked, all the while my supply was dropping and I was experiencing recurrent mastitis (in hindsight a large part of this was due to not being able to pump effectively). We have no family support in Auckland and my husband needed to be overseas for work a lot in those initial months, having all the feeding issues and a pump that wasn’t working was incredibly stressful. After my pump broke down yet another time over a weekend with no way to get it repaired, and experiencing another bout of mastitis I rang my husband in tears saying that I couldn’t do it anymore and needed to switch Rupert over to formula. I was devastated as I’d tried so hard to persevere. Eugene jumped on google and after a quick bit of research came upon your website, he ordered me the unimom pump from your site. It arrived at 9 am the next day and I hooked myself straight up to it. I was astounded by the amount of milk I had managed to pump in 10 minutes!

The unimom is amazing, I have never looked back!. I have been able to finally get Rupert to latch and breastfeed successfully, and continued to pump once a day so he can have a bottle when I am away at work in the evenings. The pump is so good at drawing milk off, I have enough milk in the freezer to last us for his nightly bottles until well past his first birthday. I have just packed the pump (my ‘little friend’ as my husband calls it!) away this past weekend and am so grateful that I was able to find a machine that worked so well for our needs.

In a sleep deprived haze one day I melted some parts of the pump, I ordered replacements straight away, they were delivered to my home by 8 am the next morning and I was back in business, what an amazing service you provide!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for running such a wonderful business. I was at the lowest point of my parenting journey and your products and service saved my breastfeeding relationship with my son, words cannot describe how much I will be eternally grateful for this. You are doing an amazing job supporting mothers during what can be such a stressful time. I will continue to share Breastmates with all mums I know and wish you continued success with your amazing business. Thank you!


Warm Wishes

Emily Spence