Ladies that Love their HOTmilk

Here are snippets of emails from ladies that have received their HOTmilk parcels from us.  We have a new feature on our website so that customers can also add reviews directly onto a product page, so have a look there too.

i just wanted to say a huge thankyou the bra fits and feels amazing and to feel some what sexy at such a big size is amazing so thankyou for supplying bigger sizes 🙂 have a great day

Just wanted to say the goods arrived and they are beautiful!!!!  I absolutely love them and so does my husband – you got the ultimate compliment really when he asked if that was the kind of underwear woman wear after breast feeding has finished as well (meaning the whole no underwire thing).  Just wanted to send a quick note of encouragement…. keep up the good work…. we are definitely enjoying the benefits.

The order went beautifully and in fact new bras were here almost before I could think about it. Gosh they are gorgeous. After nine months of b/feeding and wearing lovely practical numbers I am cursing myself for not splashing out on these lovely frillies sooner. They make each day much lovelier!

I received the bra today. It is lovely. It is wonderful to be able to finally wear a pretty breastfeeding bra in a bigger size and doesn’t cost $70+ and take 6 weeks to be ordered in from timbucktoo. One that doesn’t look like either a hand-me-down from someone’s grandma or inspired by a straight jacket.

I received my new Hotmilk cami and pj shorts and am sooooo happy with them! Husband very impressed with consistently pretty lingerie and how happy it makes me when it arrives!!

I ordered two bras off you recently, a Hotmilk “she blushes” and a “midnight mystique” I love both of them, so comfy, and sexy too. I adore the “she blushes” one. It must be the cut of the bra, it is perfect, and I find I am wearing this one all the time.  [this must be because the customer’s body shape better suits a full cup]

And I also wanted to thank you for the nursing t-shirts and HOTmilk Nursing Bra, all of which I have used already. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t get them sooner. I went to playcentre on Friday and fed my baby in front of a group of people and I think it was the first time that I didn’t feel self conscious. When I had my first son  I thought all the breastfeeding stuff was a bit frivolous, but it really makes a difference to how you feel I reckon. So anyway, just wanted to say thanks……these t-shirts will probably be worn to shreds and may have to look at getting more. I have a wedding in a few weeks, so might look at something for that.

My parcel arrived today and everything is GORGEOUS – I wish you had been around when I had my other two babies!!

Thanks again and I shall defintely be spreading the word.

Oh and meant to say I absolutely love the HOTmilk PJs I got and the Desirenursing nightie, they are both washed and in my bag ready for hospital. It’s so nice to have nice feeding items for this baby which I didn’t have for my first.

I have been nothing but completely satisfied with all aspects of your business and have recomended you to friends. I am due to have my baby on Wednesday (!), I’m hoping either the nightie will arrive before baby comes or baby waits a few days! I was saying to my husband the other night how nice its been buying Hotmilk lingerie – having something pretty and lacey to wear when you feel so big and heavy has really kept me going!

I adore your bras and nickers, I have always HATED bra shopping, and now that I can do it online it is fun, also I love the great feeling I get from wearing the hotmilk gear, sexy but sweet! Before you I only ever wore plain white warehouse bras….so my hubby thanks you too!

I received my Hotmilk Bra today and am absolutely thrilled with it. I will have to buy another one in the not too distant future.  Thanks for all your help. I will definately be telling people about Breastmates.

Hiya – Underwear received this morning thanks! Love it, love it, love it 🙂 You can quote me on that 🙂 Thanks for the great service

The HOTmilk maternity sleepwear we ordered is fantastic, hence the second set.  Thanks for the great service, we will definately be recommending Breastmates to our friends.

The underwear is great, thanks a lot for the excellent service.

I really love the underwear, looks fantastic and will be really comfortable, I’m so pleased you can get that range by mail order now, have been admiring it for a while and its great that someone recognises not all new mums live within easy distance of the handful of stockists! I’m nearing the end of my breastfeeding career but couldn’t resist getting a gorgeous maternity bra at last.

WOW! They are fabulous!!! Thanks so much, they are amazing. So nice to have nice normal looking underwear after soooo long. I will definitely be getting more. Thanks!!!

Hey there, thanks for my bras and pants. The bras are gorgeous, have got my pink one on now, still to try the pants on.

Hello Frances, my Hot Milk lingerie arrived today and it is absolutely wonderful, better than I dreamed. It fits perfectly and supports my 14E bosom. My partner loves it too! I feel sexy and womanly again, and even my stretchmarks look OK in it! No more beige maternity wear. Am tempted by the rest of the sets mow…:-) Thank you so so much

Hi Frances Just to let you know I got the nursing bra today and I LOVE it. In fact I love it so much that I want another one LOL Would it be a pain for you to order another one? (The baby doll one in 12DD) if possible please. I had intended saving it for when my next bub is born but since I’m still breastfeeding Miss 17 months, I have decided to wear it now cos I just can’t wait that long. Thanks!

I just have to say I LOVE MY HOTMILK BRA!!!!! It is fabulous!!! I unsubtly flashed my bra at Mothers Group today and they were all agog at my wonderful sexy nursing bra! I put them all onto your site. Thank you so much for the opportunity to get this bra – I am going to get another couple now!

Just wanted to say I got mine last week, and it’s fab, I was surprised how amazingly comfortable it is, and it looks great. So nice to be out of that damn crappy old one I have been wearing for a year and a half. I would even wear it if I wasn’t bf-ing – I am not the worlds biggest fan of underwires at the best of times and it’s nicer than any bras I have seen for a while. I will definitely be getting more!

Mine arrived a few weeks ago they are so so so niiiiiiiiiiiice & my DP thinks im Soooooo sexy in it, they’re meant to have b/f nighties in stock by november so I will be on the lookout for when they arrive.

p.s i LOVE LOVE LOVE my HOTmilk bra, its stunning!!!! i cant wait to have the money to buy more!!!

p.p.s and what i wouldnt give to look like that model wearing them though! hahahahahahaha

Hi Frances. The package arrived yesterday – the HOTmilk stuff is lovely, thank you! I already had a HOTmilk bra and it seems that the others fit me just as well. Sooo nice to feel a bit sexy in my mummy body! The breast pads are my “gift du jour” for my friends having babies soon. I think they like them! Thanks again. I do really appreciate Breastmates!

Thank you for making pregnant and breastfeeding women feel all sexy and cute. You help them feel normal while they feel anything but. You are an awesome company with a great range of products at prices that everyone can afford. I am so in love with your range (as is my DF).

Keep up the great work saving mumma’s from beige feeding wear Franny!

Thank you so much, I ordered from you not too long ago and am very pleased with the quality of the bra and the toy I received for my son! And your customer service is awesome I really appreciate it!

Loving the HOT milk lingerie range, breastfeeding mums are sexy and deserve beautiful underwear!

Thank you so much Frances, the bra is a perfect fit and given me self confidence with what I’m wearing.

I was looking for some HOT milk lingerie and was directed to your site. I have also purchased a nursing bra from you and found your service very good. Also congratulations on your website – I’ve just had my first baby and with a c-section and living in a small town the internet has been invaluable in sourcing suitable items.

As a bigger girl naturally, I was always terrified that when I became pregnant I would just look fat and frumpy….and have to wear beige granny knickers and beige granny bras….but now I see that HOT milk are doing larger size bras, so that the yummy luscious girls out there dont have to miss out on these delicious knickers & bras!!!

Fran, thank you for bringing the wonderful range of “feeding-wear” to us mummy’s. It so nice to see such a beautiful range of sleepwear and lingerie available for brestfeeding mums. Who says that pregnancy and childbirth has to be undignified with the gorgeous HOTmilk range around? 😉

loving all the lingerie you have Breastmates! HOTmilk

Hi again Frances, Can I say wow? The HOTmilk bra arrived this morning! The size is perfect! Thank you so much for your awesome help, I felt pretty silly asking as this is my 6th child and I’m 35 lol but it was definitely worth it! I will definitely be back to shop with you and I would also like to say your customer service made me feel like I was worth your time. big hugs. p.s I’m saving up for those gorgeous maternity pjs with the 3/4 sleeve

I just received the parcel, thank you. The maternity bras and underwear are stunning and fit quite nicely.

Hi Frances Just wanted to let you know I received my order this morning and have not felt this comfortable since finding out I was pregnant! My one year old is obsessed with my beautiful maternity bras and is trying to wear them herself! Thank you so much for your excellent service and my beautiful Hotmilk lingerie .  I love HOTmilk!

Good morning Frances. Just to let you know that I did receive my package last Saturday, thank you very much. And not a moment too soon as I think I am in the early stages of labour this morning. The maternity bras are great, very comfortable. I have already passed your website onto a friend and expect to do so again. Have a great day M P – a very satisfied customer

I can’t wait to recieve the pj’s. I enjoy your site very much as it has both practical and stylish maternity wear which is so hard to find in stores. Thank you for making pregnancy flattering, it’s a very welcome change!