Baby Not Breathing

Here is Levi’s birth story, as shared by his mum Meg

My son was born a year and a half ago, and my second child is due in 4 days!!!

The first time…

I was having contractions for 40 hours, 30 hours of which I would call overwhelming horrible pain. I was so exhausted after not sleeping for 2 days I could barely stand up let alone focus on my breathing or push! The midwives were amazing, I love the hospital I was at.

I was pushing for 3 hours, everything was normal until the 2nd last push when the baby’s heart-rate dropped (I didn’t know that until later). He came out “flat” as in not breathing and was whisked to the trolley before I even saw him. I was confused and no-one had said anything, so I first asked my husband what sex the baby was, he said “boy”.

Then I asked what happened with the cord because he was supposed to cut it. He said the baby wasn’t breathing. Within about a minute there were about 6 people in the room around the silver trolley and I had to focus on pushing the placenta out. His APGAR was 1 4 4. After 10 minutes of working on him with no improvement they took him away to intensive care and I got to see him for the first time 3 and a half hours later.

It definitely wasn’t the way I planned, but childbirth isn’t an exact science and thank goodness we live in an age where they can save babies from dying.

Levi spent a week in Neonatal intensive care hooked up to a billion monitors trying to figure out what went wrong. They are still mystified. They said it’s very unusual to have this happen with no warning signs.

It was a few days before I got to hold him

Since Levi left the hospital 8 days later he has been perfectly healthy and normal and we love him to bits. Worth every minute. If I’d known how great it is to have a baby I would have had one years ago!!!

I’ll keep you posted on baby number 2!!