Baby Well Over Due

Trudie shares the story of her sons birth


First off I had two EDDs 29th march being my first and 3rd april the second. (5 days difference)

March 29th came and went..April 3rd came and went..

Monday April 5th I’d had enough so went and brought a hot curry, ate some pineapple and went for a walk.

3am ish Tuesday April 6th I woke with contractions around 5mins apart they weren’t too intense or long in length but enough to keep me awake for the rest of the night. Phoned my MW at 8am to let her know and she told me to take a bath, rest and call her when they were 3mins apart lasting 1min.

Wednesday April 7th I was still contracting. Had a MW appt at 1.30pm so went along to that. MW gave me a S&S I was 3cm dialated and cervix was very soft and stretchy. This was quite painful as I was contracting as she did it. It worked tho, my ‘show’ just came away as soon as she finished!! She gave me 2 kinds of homeopathic pills. One to get baby into the right position, and one to intensify the contractions.

Thursday April 8th 1230am I was becoming very uncomfortable and sore. Breathing thru contractions that were 3-5mins apart and 40-60sec long. Phoned MW who said to meet her at hospital.

Got to hospital and MW took my BP and it was raised. She did an internal and I was only 4cm. She decided to break my waters at 0115. I then got into the birth pool stayed in there about an hour. I got over it as my contractions got worse. Once out I sat on a swiss ball for about half an hour but the pain was really getting strong. I got on the bed and was in so much pain the MW offered me gas. I hated it, I felt I couldn’t get a nice deep breath and was choking. So biffed it to the floor! Around 4am MW offered me pethadine which I accepted. This took around an hour to kick in and during that time MW did an internal which was extremely painful and I got very distressed..I was 7cm by now. Once the pethad ine was working I was able to get some sleep between contractions (keeping in mind I’d had around 4hours sleep since contractions started on Tuesday)

At 7am pethadine stopped. My MW offered me an Epidural coz I was EXTREMELY tired and distressed with pain. I had my blood taken, but had to wait for morning Anethisist to arrive as an emergency C-Section was about to take place. So MW put a bag of fluids up for hydration, and a bag of syntocinin to help the contractions speed up. So it wasn’t until 845 that the Epi was put in. It was so hard keeping still thru contractions but I managed. My BP had been around 120/86 most of the morning (which is high for me) then as soon as the Epi was in it plumetted to 80/50. Despite feeling fine I was closely monitored by anethisit as if it didn’t rise I was for emergency C-Section. However it came back up to 110/70 around 10mins later.

So from around 0930-1200 I was just relaxing coz I couldn’t feel anything it was actually amazing. I was really struggeling with the long labour. 1230 I started to feel pressure and by 1240 I was activly pushing with each contraction. Baby was still posterior and 1/5th engaged (to my MW 1/5th is almost fully – shes backwards) She had the doctor come asses me for forceps delivery as he wasn’t decending.  Once Dr arrived bubs was fully engaged and he could see his head and refused to intervene when we were so close.

I kept going and going and pushing and pushing but I felt like I was getting nowhere. I had an episiotimy and a large blood loss. So at 315pm back up MW went to get Dr to do forceps but while she was gone at 330pm my baby boy flew out in one big push. Shocked everyone!

We had an hour and a half of skin to skin. Placenta was out at 335pm first BF at 4pm. My placenta was ‘ragged’ so had I been pregnant much longer it may have stopped working.

After all of this I completely forgot it all once I met my baby ♥