Young Mum

Olivia Shares Her Birth Story

Long day as an eager learning 17th year old

I was a 17year old girl who was due to have her 1st born baby. At 36.5 weeks I had my bloody show and the midwife pretty much told me to stop walking to school. I was walking about 1.3km each way every morning and afternoon. So I was making sure I didn’t do anything that would risk my baby coming early. This included travelling in a school van full off other mums and their babies down bumpy roads to do drop offs.

Soon enough the 15th of April came along where I awoke with cramps and in pain; it felt as if I was getting period cramps. I told my mum that this was what I felt and that I will let her know if it gets worse. I was all ready to go school when my mum stopped me instead we walked a big walk to help things along. As the day went on the pains were occurring more and more. Feeling sick and crampy I was spending a lot of time in the bathroom where I was dry retching. It was about 530pm that we went to fish and chip shop to get dinner. Standing there placing the order leaning on the counter I was in pain.

I couldn’t eat much as I was really uncomfortable in pain. Mum had gone to visit a friend and told me while she was gone to have a nice warm bath. I went to run a bath but this baby had other ideas instead she was making me spew up a lot. Mum arrived home to me in tears complaining I cant do this. Mum called my midwife who came over at 8pm where she said I was in active labour. We were timing contractions and they were getting to about 2-3mins apart so it was time to decided where I was welcoming my baby. My only wish was not at the hospital for personal reasons. So river ridge it was.

Arriving a the birth centre I was stopped in the doorway by a contraction. We arrived in the birth room finally, with the assistance of my student midwife. I climbed in the pool as we thought baby was coming and fast. I soaked in there for an hour. Where I was examined on the bed and a lip of cervix wasn’t coming away so I was given a natural tablet(cant member the name).

2.50am on 16th of April my waters popped after a vaginal exam. 16mins spent pushing and my baby girl was in my arms. 🙂 3.05am on April the 16th was the best day for this mama.