Cows Milk Rather than Formula

A mum shares her experience of formula feeding.

My experience with putting my two sons onto formula wasn’t too bad.

My mum recommend SMA and so I used that for both of my boys. My oldest one let me know when he wanted to go on formula but I found that he was always throwing up when he had a bottle. I thought that was normal.

My second son was harder. I actually weaned him off breastfeeding and put him on the bottle. He didn’t want to and would have breastfeed for much longer had  I let him.

It was quite hard. I had to leave the room when his dad gave him the bottle. He just didn’t take it to very well at all. He was really unhappy and it was quite hard on me. He did eventually take to it and was on formula for about a week until my mum said he’s old enough to go on cows milk. He took to that straight away and to this day still has a bottle of cows milk each day.

I think that changing to the bottle and bottle feeding is quite hard but you have to just stay calm or else you could make it worse for both you and baby. The important thing is that baby is getting what they need.   My son wasn’t into formula at all but he just loves cow’s milk.

Just play around and see but the most important thing is just try to stay calm and try different things. Babies are survivors they will take it if they need it.