Transition from Breastmilk to Formula

A  mum shares her experience of formula feeding.

She writes:

I still remember the change from breastfeeding to formula like it was just yesterday.

I felt so guilty about not continuing to breastfeed, however my boy was never satisfied and following the advice of a supportive health professional, I decided to give formula a go.

To my amazement I discovered nearly overnight that although I had plenty of milk, it didn’t have the nourishment in it that James needed, and he went from an upset, unsettled hourly feeding baby to a contented baby within 48 hours.

Although it was hard at first getting used to the change, we developed a routine where we had a share of breast milk and formula to help both of us with the transition.

It wasn’t easy the first week or two while my milk supply got used to the fact it wasn’t being used quite so often, but in time it settled down and I stopped leaking fairly quickly.