Milk Leftover in Bottle

“My baby doesn’t always finish drinking her bottle.  Can I just give it to her at the next feed”

NO absolutely do NOT do this. It is unsafe.

If there is milk left over and your baby has not drunk it, the unused milk should be thrown away.  This applies to breastmilk, cows milk, and formula milk.

When your baby has finished feeding, clean out the bottles and do not leave milk sitting around in the bottle.

Never keep leftover milk from one feed to the next.  This milk has already been warmed once, and will be unsafe for your baby to drink if heated again.

Try to only mix up formula powder until just before your baby needs it.  Or if you do want to prepare some bottle in advance, keep them chilled until feeding time.

Formula bottles can be kept in the back of your fridge for up to 4 hours in sealed sterilised containers.  We suggest that if you do make up bottles in advance (such as for the night time feeds), do it at the same time every day so that you know remaining bottles have expired.