Bottle Prep When You Go Out

It takes a little more planning when getting ready to go out with baby, to ensure you have enough milk and powder for feeding time.  Not quite as easy as breastfeeding.

Here are a few key tips.

DON’T prepare powder + warm water and keep it warm in a vacuum flask.  It can be unhealthy to carry warmed milk around with you.

DO If you do want to take the powder + water already mixed, then make it up using chilled water, and keep it chilled while travelling.  You could bury the bottle with ice, surround it with frozen ice pads in a chilly bin.  Milk will last about 8 hours carried this way.   Then you just need to carry boiling water in a thermos flask which you can use to warm up your chilled bottle.  (You’ll also need a container that you can pour the boiling water into, and then rest your chilled milk bottle in that to warm it up.)

OR a better method is that you measure out how many scoops of powder you need into a container (such as the Avent Milk Powder container) rather than taking the whole tin.  Plus take a sterilized bottle filled with cooled boiled water (enough water for the feeds you need).  When its time for baby’s feed just mix up the formula as usual using your measured powder and cooled boiled water.

You can heat by placing into a jug of hot water, or by holding under the running hot tap.  Or a special bottle heating device.

We recommend that you always carry a measured amount of extra powder and water, just incase you need to give an extra bottle while you are travelling.

Remember, when mixing bottles add the water to the bottle first, then add the powder scoops to the directions on the tin with the scoop they provide.