Baby Struggling with Milk Flow that is Too Fast

Hey mamas, any advice for Linda who writes: “I think my daughter is struggling with my milk flow. She seems to sick up large amounts after a feed and wriggles constantly and comes off lots of times. Any advice how to slow the flow?”

The following are suggestions that mums from our Facebook page were kind enough to share.

Tips for Helping Breastmilk to Flow Slower


Could try a nipple shield to moderate the flow

I would suggest to lean back as much as you can and let gravity slow it down. Also if she’s struggling with the flow of your let down you could let it flow and save it first then latch her when it stops? Good for getting more hind milk in her too 🙂

I had this with mine, tried everything. Someone suggested i cut sugar from my diet, after 6 weeks of projectile vomiting I was ready to try anything!!! Way better feeder and no more vomiting. Eventually I eased sugar back into my diet. Apparently the little man didn’t appreciate my diet of chocolate and biscuits

I used to feed, then unlatch her when my initial letdown gushed out, let that drain into a towel ? (such a waste of my gold) then when flow settled (~30sec later) I would re-latch her & it seemed to help. Reclining or feeding lying down helps too x. Good luck xx

I have to feed lying down with my daughter next to me for this reason

The fact that she’s also struggling with being able to control the flow may indicate tongue tie. Do you have a lactation consultant knowledgeable in ties in your area? I can recommend one if you’re in Auckland. Eliminating foods can be tough and super daunting but the result of having a happy Bub is so worth it! I’m dairy and egg free for my boy so I get it ☺️

this is classic reflux. I would see a health professional. Preferably a geriatrician who specializes in reflux. There is a lot of mis-understanding if this condition even among health professionals. Treatment with Losec or Gavascon may be the best option.

I had this problem with my wee lad (premmie), he still struggles a bit with it. Its two separate issues which seems to effect each other. 1. milk flow (lying down or reclining or tilting your nursing pillow so they feed uphill helps). They two get used to managing the volume and they get older. The other issue is spilling, again this usually sorts itself around 6-12 months. If baby is not bothered by it and is gaining weight, producing plenty of wet and dirty nappies, then it’s unlikely to be an issue. The amount they bring up always looks way more splattered on the floor/their front etc than what it actually is. Ensuring that they have a good burp session after each side I find helps (failing that rhugar is really good)

I used to sit up and lie my baby down me vertically to feed. It helps a lot as gravity slow the milk down. Your milk supply generally regulates around 3 months and baby learns how to cope with the fast flow. Google fast flow and it’s shows heaps more tips too ?

I had this problem and her issue ended up being her latch.. which I thought was ok but a Lactation consultant tweaked a few things and problem was solved

Lay back in a recliner and feed that way. I have the same problem oversupply of milk and a fast let down. How old is your baby?

if you continue to struggle, maybe look at seeing a lactation consultant, my daughter had a tongue tie release by a dr at 1week old and as part of the consultation you see her lactation consultant afterwards to discuss feeding, that’s where I learnt the lay back technique. It was really helpful, would definitely recommend a good LC. Good luck x

Lie back when u feed her, pull her off for a few seconds when u feel the let down until it slows then latch her back on. I had this with all 3 of my kids. An abundance of milk that would come too fast. LC told me these tips and seemed to help alot.

check for tongue tie and her latch, they kept saying it was my abundant milk but in the end it wasn’t, she had severe tongue tie

Reflux possibly? Going through the same thing and midwife convinced it’s reflux.. Been using Gaviscon Infant and seems to help…

Get Bub double checked for tongue tie, they can do this with ties xx

Yeah, I had to feed mine lying back on pillows or in a recliner with them tummy to tummy until they got a bit bigger. The other option is to express just enough to trigger a let down since that first let down seems to be the one that nearly drowns the poor wee darlings!

This may already be in comments, but I used to cup the side of my breast & block off half the flow…. hope that makes sense.

Maybe have her on top of you so she has to suck rather than the flow coming down to her?

Has she been checked for tongue tie?