Breastfeeding for Beginners

Shared by Lisa Ebbing from HOTmilk

Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful and most natural things you, as a women, can do, yet no one really tells you of the struggles ahead. It is a roller coaster ride of emotions and while many are glorious, it really helps to talk about the issues on breastfeeding with other women, so you are prepared and ready for this exciting and challenging time ahead.

As a business owner I have struggled with balancing working and breastfeeding but I am very pleased to have been able to successfully breastfeed all three of my beautiful daughters. However, I also totally appreciate how hard it can be with issues ranging from a lack of milk supply, to incorrect positioning, sore nipples, flat nipples and mastitis to name a few. Yet the benefits of breastfeeding are so important. Not only are you providing your baby the perfect mix of nutrients but you are also sharing the antibodies of your own immune system with your baby, who as yet has none of their own, thus helping them to stay healthy and strong and giving them the best start possible.

With my first child I definitely found it the hardest. We had to go home from hospital on the day my daughter Aria was born, due to the crowded hospital situation, something I was happy about initially as I was so tired and I just wanted peace and quiet. But without that expert help to ensure I was putting my baby on the breast properly, things quickly deteriorated. I didn’t really have any idea about whether I was meant to feed from one breast then the other, or was it just from one side per feed, and then swap at the next feed. Every book had a different answer. Then my breasts hurt so much, it got to the stage I would cry if my husband would tell me my baby needed to feed. The pain of her latching on was so horrible, and the after pains were so intense I felt like I was in labour all over again. Day four was the day I wanted to give up, it was ten o’clock at night and I had to send my husband out to get those plastic nipple protectors just to get through the next feed. To be honest, I don’t really think they helped me physically, but mentally they did help me get through that night, and the next day it was a little bit better, then the next a little more. It actually took six weeks for it to stop hurting completely, which sounds like an eternity, but time passes quickly.

Choosing the right breastfeeding bra is important too, not only for fit but also for ‘feel-good factor!’. Spoiling oneself with sexy new lingerie can really brighten a woman’s day and can actually give you more confidence and a more positive outlook; all essential in this complex time in your life. But sexiness aside, a good breastfeeding bra has specific requirements too. Look for a bra that :

  • Fits well and offers support while still allowing room to move
  • Has cotton lining which allows the breast tissue to breathe; and
  • One without a harsh seam running across the nipple (yeow!)
  • Also strongly recommended is a soft cup bra as an underwire can apply too much pressure to the milk ducts, therefore further increasing the risk of problems arising.

I now have three beautiful daughters and I was fortunate to be able to breastfeed them all. Second and third time around was so much easier. I won’t say it was all smooth sailing, but it really was a great deal easier and this gave me the time to really enjoy the experience and the wonderful closeness it creates with you and your child. I actually found it quite hard to stop with my third child as it was just such a wonderful bond.

The main advice I would offer to people is simply to ask for help. Ask the nurse or midwife to come and check out how you are positioning your baby etc. People are there to help, we just need not be afraid to ask. As rewarding it can be, breastfeeding can also be a tough time in your life, but not one you need to go through alone.

Lisa Ebbing is a director and cofounder of international maternity lingerie sensation – HOTmilk Lingerie. It was the birth of Lisa’s first child that inspired her with the belief young mothers deserved a better choice than the unexciting lingerie offered by mainstream brands and so HOTmilk Lingerie too was born.

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