Breastfeeding Info

Coming home with a new baby is a daunting task, so much harder than pregnancy and labour, and its something that lasts much longer! The whole breastfeeding thing takes a lot to get use to, and can throw a few curve balls even when your baby is older.

Women have been asking us questions about breastfeeding since our business started 2004, so we’ve complied common questions on our website as a bit of a resource.

We answer questions for free, there is no charge, because our core business value is to support mothers.  (and maybe you’ll remember us and come back and buy something, or tell a friend about our website).

If you do have a specific question or concern that you can’t find an answer to below, then we are happy to do that for you, but allow us a couple of days to reply.  Just contact us by email.

We can give you an honest answer based on our own experiences, we have a huge Facebook Fan base of mothers who are going through the same things as you, and we can draw on midwives and lactation consultants that we know (meet our experts)

So you are not alone!

P.S if your question is urgent, contact your doctor, midwife, or Plunket