Department of Labour Code for BF at Work

To read the Department of Labour’s code of Employment Practise on Breastfeeding in the workplace, check out their website here

The introductory text from the Minister of Labour says:

“…It is important workplaces take a practical and good faith approach to supporting women returning to work after childbirth. This allows for real gains in flexibility and productivity for both employees and employers.

Since 1 April 2009, under Section 69Y of the Employment Relations Act 2000, employers have been required to provide unpaid breaks and/or facilities for employees who wish to breastfeed their infants or express milk during working hours. The intent of the new law is to create minimum standards for modern flexible workplaces. ..

It should be noted that there is no absolute obligation on employers to provide breaks and/or facilities. The Act says the provision of “appropriate facilities” should be “reasonable and practicable in the circumstances”. Thus, employers in close geographical proximity may wish to join together to provide a facility all their staff can use.

Minister of Labour

February 2010″

The general requirements and Frequency Asked Questions are here:

Well done to everyone involved in establishing this!