Doctor to Fix Tongue Tie

Today we received an email from someone that was trying to find a doctor that would perform the snip for Tongue Tie.  The mother and baby were going through a very rough time establishing breastfeeding, and her midwife couldn’t find a doctor in their home town (medium sized town in NZ) who would do it.

The Midwife wrote  “I’d like to know where the closest person who can remedy this problem of tongue tie is located. As I have a client who has a 7 day old baby with this problem, and at present can find no one in our area who is willing to assist with this condition.”

We were really shocked that it was so difficult to find someone.

Visit your doctor and ask for a referral to your local ENT (Ear nose and throat specialist doctor) with a recommendation that the child’s tongue tie be snipped. Not all tongue ties will have a deterimental effect on future speech sound development so that is perhaps why some doctors are reluctant to perform this operation, as they may see it as unneccessary.

Update: Here is another mother’s story and her positive results of the snip Baby With Tongue Tie