Breast Milk Storage Bags

We now have a continual supply of Breast Milk Storage Bags, these are an ideal way to save and store breastmilk to use later.

Freeze the milk flat and defrost and warm the milk under the hot tap.  And a great price! Much cheaper than other brands.  BPA free.  20 bags per packet.

Here are some comments that our customers told us when we announced this new product.

  • oooh… such a good idea!
  • I used these when I was expressing and they were great! 🙂
  • I’ve used these before, exact product, & they were awesome, use to use & worked great.
  • YAY thank god you’re stocking them I can’t find them since foodtown stopped stocking them
  • These are great I used them when I was breast feeding. love the double bag.
  • It’s about time that affordable breastmilk storage bags were available! I found these a few weeks ago after spending $30 for 20 bags! 🙂
  • Are they BPA free? yes
  • These bags are fab! I discovered them about 6 weeks ago and the best thing is the milk defrosts super fast! Great for Dad when he discovers that he has a bub that is still hungry!!
  • totally “LOVE” this product, definately recommend to all breastfeeding mums. completely ideal for mums such as myself who will be going back to work in a few weeks time.has double zip lock strips for that extra spliage problem so would be ideal if travelling too. instantly warm in a few seconds so try not to walk away to do other things and leave in hot water as heating breastmilk in the bag is almost instantanious with hot water.
  • I also recommend these, they seem more durable than other BM storage bags and the double zip lock is fantastic, I used those Medula pump and store ones which leaked twice all through my bag, though I was more devestated at the loss of my precious milk! Way quicker to heat up than a plastic container or bottle too
  • Love the price…….. less expensive than other brands.
  • I’ve used this brand for both my daughters, and always freeze it and have not had any problem with bag splitting. I’m naughty and reuse too
  • I just popped them in a cup while defrosting and if there was any leakage then it was caught in the cup. Much cheaper than other options.
  • Have used these – they’re great!!