Medela Freestyle Breast Pump Parts

Do you need Medela Freestyle Spare Parts?

Spare parts for the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump (the double electric pump) are detailed in the diagram below.
We know it can get very confusing on what pieces you need, so please refer to the diagram.  Also note that spare parts for the freestyle model are NOT interchangeable with other medela breast pump models.  We hold all these items in stock as we know mums need them in a hurry.

We have these spares available IN STOCK now.   The easy shopping page on our website is over here, so you can just click what you need:  Medela Freestyle Pump Parts


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  • A  – Freestyle double PVC Tubing
  • B – Personal Fit Breastshield Funnel
  • C – Freestyle Connector Assembly (sold as one piece)
  • D – E – F hands free pumping kit
  • G – CityStyle Bag
  • H – photo holder
  • I – Freezer Chilly pack
  • J – Calma Bottle
  • K – Insulated bottle pack
  • L – cap
  • M – Calma Teat
  • O – Rechargeable Battery
  • P – Mains Power Adapter
  • R – Personal Fit Breastshield Funnel
  • lid and disc

Medela have spare parts for most of the Freestyle Parts, though for some of them we may have to do a special order request for you as we don’t hold all of the Freestyle parts in stock.   Or if you are confused please call us to discuss.