Medela Pump in Style Parts

Are you looking for Medela Pump in Style Parts?  There are a few different models of this (Traveller, Advanced, etc).   In 2011 Medela New Zealand / Australia discontinued this model of breast pump, however for some time the spare parts will continue to be available. (While stocks last)

399_medela_pump_advanced_149x112We’ve listed all the spare parts for the Medela Pump in Style Breast Pump in the diagram below.

Some of the parts are confusing, as there are two different types of tubing, and new breastshields.  So if you aren’t sure please contact us and we will try and help you.

We have put some quick links further below so you can find them easily in our store.

medela-pump-in-style-parts_500x633Buy Medela Pump in Style Pump Parts Online

  1. – 1.Cooler Bag and Ice Pack
  2. – 2. Breast Pump Tubing with end connectors.  OR if your tubing only has a connector at one end then you need this one: Pump in Style Tubing.  this just depends on what version your pump model is.
  3. -3. Manual Breast Pump Assembly (cylinder and piston, we sell all these parts individually)
  4. -4. spare bottle lids
  5. -5. spare bottle discs
  6. -6. Personal Fit Breast Shield and Connector
  7. -7. Yellow Valves
  8. -8. White Membranes these come in a packet
  9. -9. Bottle
  10. -10. Stand
  11. -11. Mains Power Adapter
  12. -12. Battery pack
  13. -13. Faceplate * some available depending on your model*

Port Plug

Medela Breast Pumps have spare parts for every single item on the breast pump, so if something goes wrong you can get a replacement.  Or if you are confused please call us to discuss.