Medela Pump in Style Parts

Are you looking for Medela Pump in Style Parts?  There are a few different models of this (Traveller, Advanced, etc).   In 2011 Medela New Zealand / Australia discontinued this model of breast pump, however for some time the spare parts will continue to be available. (While stocks last)

And in 2022 we’ve now come up with a way to improvise using compatible parts from other pumps…

399_medela_pump_advanced_149x112We’ve listed all the spare parts for the Medela Pump in Style Breast Pump i

Some of the parts are confusing, as you need to improvise with the new Symphony tube and snip the end off, and use a new connector.  So if you aren’t sure please contact us and we will try and help you.

Medela Breast Pumps have spare parts for every single item on the breast pump, so if something goes wrong you can get a replacement.  Or if you are confused please call us to discuss.


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