Medela Freestyle Parts – Original and Flex

I’m writing this post here, as it is very confusing with the old and new models of the Medela breast pump.   The original pump is called “Freestyle” and the new model is called “Freestyle Flex” and unfortunately there are different parts and tubes which are not interchangeable.     And unfortunately spare parts for the original are becoming limited in number.   THE GOOD NEWS if you continue reading to the end of this post, we will highlight some options so you can keep using your original motor and replace it with compatible parts in the flex technology range – which are actually better, cheaper and upgrade!

I’m going to add pictures and links below to help, so you know which pieces will work with each motor.   Each of these images will link to our store so you can purchase.     And of course, if you have any doubt please contact us and we can help you.




Original Freestyle

You can shop the bundle of original Freestyle parts here, though we do recommend you upgrade to the Flex technology and will tell you the parts required if you keep reading down further on this page.

The Original Medela Freestyle: Motor Looks Like This Connector Assembled -THIS IS NOW SOLD OUT.   See table 3 below on how to get the right parts so you can keep on pumping Breastshield -the original hard plastic breastshields are discontinued.  Replaced with Flex Breastshields which are compatible. Freestyle Tubing Original – only limited supply remains.   The ONLY tube that fits original connector to the motor.


New Freestyle Flex

New motor.  New fittings accessories with the improved Flex technology which make pumping more comfortable.   You can shop the bundle of these Flex parts here

The Freestyle Flex motor looks like this: New Flex Connector New Flex Breastshields in a range of sizes  

This tube is only compatible with new Flex motor and flex connector


Upgrade:  Combination of Original and New

If you have the original Freestyle motor (which is still an awesome pump) you have the option to upgrade to the flex technology.  This is important as the spare parts for the original freestyle are in decreasing supply.  To do this you’ll need to get 2 new flex connectors and a completely different type of tubing to join the older motor with the new flex connector.  I will link them in the table below.

Original Motor You’ll need to buy 2 flex connectors You can also upgrade 2 flex breastshields You’ll need 1 of these conversion tubing pieces, which make your old motor compatible with the flex connector


Where to Buy

You can shop all these breast pump spare parts for each model, or upgrade where possible, using the bundles we have created on our website here: Breast Pump Parts

We can help you with all medela breast pump parts and are the authorized stockist for New Zealand.  If you are still confused, please email us!