Medela Swing Maxi Breast Pump Parts- Different versions

Medela Swing Maxi Breast Pump Parts

I’m writing this post here, as it is very confusing with the old and new models of the Medela Swing Maxi breast pump parts – because the names of the model variations are all extremely similar!    The parts are not always interchangeable between the models, so I’m preparing this summary page to help customers (and help myself to remember) so you can look at the pictures and then link to our website product page.

For many years medela had a double breast pump named the Swing Maxi  (lets call this the Original).   In 2020 they introduced new flex breastsheilds, tubes, and flex connectors and called the pump Swing Maxi Flex (it had the same motor).   In 2021 they improved the motor with new battery technology and USB charger etc and kept the flex breastshield, tube, and flex connectors and they changed the name back to Swing Maxi – but it is not the original as the motor is different so we have called it Version 2 in terms of our website.    The parts are all different and for our inventory and website we need to give items unique names.     I’ll also prepare a summary below with images and links.

I’m going to add pictures and links below to help, so you know which pieces will work with each motor, and links to our store so you can purchase.

If you have any doubt – just contact us.  We are the authorised supplier of all medela spare parts and can help figure out what you need.



Table 1: Swing Maxi Original

The original spare parts for the original motor are shown below.   These are becoming limited in supply, and we suggest you upgrade to the Flex technology as shown in the second table below.    Shop the bundle of original spare parts here

The Swing Maxi Original Motor

– yellow

– round

– says Swing Maxi on text

Connector AssembledSOLD OUT – so refer to Table 2 on what you need to replace it.

– you’ll need 2

The original hard plastic breastshields are no longer available.   The new Flex Breastshields will be compatible with your pump.

– you’ll need 2

Swing Maxi Tubing Original   this only works with the original connector.   If you need a new connector, then you’ll need to get a Flex Connector and new tubing shown in Table 2.


Table 2: Swing Maxi Flex  (Or upgrade Original pump to Flex Technology)

This is the same original motor but with upgraded accessories which are more comfortable to use and slightly cheaper.  You can upgrade your Original swing breast pump to this new  Flex Technology with these parts.  Shop the bundle of parts here

Still the same motor as original.

– yellow

– round

– says Swing Maxi on text

You’ll need to buy 2 flex connectors New Flex Breastshields in a range of sizes, you’ll need 2  

This tube is compatible with new flex connectors and means you can continue using your older model pump.


Table 3: Swing Maxi Version 2

This is a completely new model of motor which has new battery technology and USB charger, released in 2021.  You’ll notice the motor looks completely different.   The flex technology for the accessory parts are compatible with this model.   Please check what your motor looks like so you can identify what you need.  You can shop our bundle of Version 2 parts here

New motor

– white colour

– yellow buttons

– round shape

-says swing maxi on text

You need  2 flex connectors You need 2 flex breastshields This tube is compatible with new flex connector and new motor


Where to Buy

You can shop all these breast pump spare parts for each model, or upgrade where possible, using the bundles we have created on our website here: Breast Pump Parts


We can help you with all medela breast pump parts. If you are still confused, please email us!