Secondhand Breast Pump

A customer emailed us today and said they have brought a secondhand Pump in Style breast pump by medela, and they asked what accessories they would need.

The best thing is to compare what you have got with the picture of a brand new Pump in Style, that we do also sell at our online NZ store.

But then we also ask what items did your pump come with? Just the yellow motor unit?

Medela don’t recommend that you use second hand breast pumps, as they are only designed for single person use.

But as a mother we know what things are like, and a secondhand breast pump can often be a good purchase.  The warranty will be void, but that is your chance in purchasing secondhand. We suggest that you change all the items that have been in contact with breast milk.

Recommended new parts
• Breast Pump PVC Tubing with Connector
• Breastshield 24mm (this is what the pump originally came with, though there are other sizes available)
• Valves and Membranes
• Did the pump come with any bottles, caps and lids?
• and you will also need a bottle to collect the milk when you are using the pump

You can find these Breast Pump Spare Parts here

Please let  us know if you have any further questions or need anything, we do have every single spare part that you could possibly need!