Cloth Nappy Setup

babyinnappyThinking of using cloth nappies?  Its common for parents to feel confused by the choices available with cloth nappies these days! Modern cloth nappies are funky and easy.  We are happy to share the nappy love!

Very different to the large nappy squares and pins that were once used.  No more pins, no more complicated nappy folds, no more fluffy plastic overpants.  Modern systems are trim, easy to use, quick to wash, breathable, colourful. Plus they save loads of money compared to disposables.  Even if you use a mixture of cloth nappies and disposable you’ll still save money.

Washing is easy – its called “dry pailing”.  After changing baby’s nappy (flush the poo liner down the loo), you can rinse under the laundry tap, then just put nappies into an empty bucket – with no water – and put the lid on.  Don’t add water – because that is what creates the smell with ammonia from urine.  Then do a washing cycle in your machine when you need to.

We stock the cotton prefolds + nappy cover system by “Bambino Mio” here at Breastmates because that is the system that we used with our own children. We are happy to answer your questions about cloth nappies and share the nappy love!

This is how a Prefold+Cover works:


The number of reusable nappies you need depends on how often you are going to wash the nappies and whether you are going to use them full-time or part-time.

If you are going to use our reusable nappies full-time then we would recommend the Prefold+Wrap system (if washing every third day):

(if you are planning on using cloth nappies part-time, in addition to disposables, then you can half these quantities)

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