Meconium – Baby’s First Poo

Although today’s topic is not the most appealing or attractive, it is something that new mothers might be surprised about.  And although the photos are gross, they clearly show what to expect.

Many new mums are surprised by the colour and consistency of the very first baby poop after birth, known as meconium, so today we’re giving you prior warning.  What to expect when your darling new baby fills their nappy!

Meconium, the first bowel movement, is a sticky greenish-black coloured substance that was present in baby’s intestine before birth.  It can be difficult to clean up in the nappy change too. [so best to leave this up to the proud new Dad!]  Meconium may be present in nappies for a couple of days, though will soon change into a mixture of meconium plus milk stools as baby processes milk;  and the colour changes to lighter green to eventually yellow.

After all the meconium has passed baby’s poo will be a yellow colour with seed-like consistency and sweet yeasty smell if breast fed.  If baby is formula fed their poop will be darker yellow, smelly, and firm in texture.

Here are a couple of photos that show what Meconium looks like.  Baby’s first poo!!


TIP: Apply a layer of nappy cream on baby’s bottom so that when they poop it will help it easier to clean off the mess.  The nappy cream helps the meconium to slide off.