Baby Poo

Breastfed Baby Poo Did you know that babies who are breastfed have bright yellow poo?  It is characterised by its mustard yellow colour, with bits that look like tiny seeds.  It can have a very soft slightly runny consistency.  And it can have a sweet yeasty smell (!)

Formula Fed Baby Poo Babies that are formula fed with bottle, have darker poo, which is much firmer and smellier.

Newborn babies that are breastfed will often poo several times during the day, but this will slowly decrease to a more usual once or twice per day routine.   Newborn babies that are formula fed, will not poo quite as often as a breastfed baby, and can sometimes get constipated due to the formula.  Speak to your midwife for suggestions on how to treat a constipated baby, she may offer some suggestions like offering sips of water, diluted prune juice etc.

Some babies may hold on for a while, and then do a massive poo explosion! ….

Want to know details?…..

This happened to us once, and we took a few photos while doing the clean up, to email to the husband at work.

It was one of those poo explosions where you don’t quite know where to start, and a bath is required as no amount of baby wipes will help!

Photo 1: The Warning Signs.  Poo had leaked out from the leg of the nappy, and from the top waist band of the nappy.  I was using disposable nappies.  Well actually the first warning sounds before the visual, was the Noise!!


Photo 2: Closer inspection shows that the nappy just couldnt cope with the volume of poo


Photo 3: This photo nicely shows the colour of a Breastfed Baby’s Poo.