Essential Baby Buys

We often get asked for advice by pregnant mothers, on what products are the absolute essential baby gear that they need to purchase, in preparation for the new baby, and coming home with a new baby.

We’re mums too, and give advice based on our knowledge , and what we did when our  children were born.

Boobs Will Leak

So you’ll need some type of breast pad to absorb leaks so that you don’t wet all your t-shirts. This can be embarrassing, annoying, and a real hassle. Here at Breastmates wool breast pads were our founding product. Then we developed some hemp breast pads which have a slightly higher absorbency and are easier to wash and dry. So these would be essentials. But you might not be into the “reusable washable” thing, so then you could try some disposable breast pads.

Boobs are Going to Get Bigger

So you’ll need to get some maternity bras. These are special bras designed for breastfeeding, where the cup drops down so that you can give baby the boob, but you don’t have to remove your bra. Just measure yourself to determine your size, and order one or two bras (and if you really want to indulge yourself we have matching knickers too). It’s easy to measure yourself to determine your bra size, you just need a tape measure, and our online bra size calculator. Please note that bra sizes do change between different brands.  The HOTmilk bras are just gorgeous, you must check them out!

The best time for a breastfeeding bra fitting is 36-38 weeks pregnancy, or about 2 weeks after baby is born after you have finished the initial engorgement.

You Don’t Want to Flash Everyone

You don’t want to expose yourself when breastfeeding your new baby, so you might want to consider looking at some of our nursing tops which are designed to help you discretely breastfeed baby. We have several styles, from singlet nursing tops, casual breast feeding tops, maternity PJ’s (great for hospital), and more dressy-smart type breastfeeding clothing. If you don’t want to purchase a whole new wardrobe, then you might like to look at Belly Bands which just cover flabby jelly post-partum bellies so at least that is not all on display when you lift up your clothing to feed baby. Merino wrap ponchos are also a handy wardrobe accessory.

Nip’s Might Get a Bit Sore

Yes, nipples can get a thrashing with a baby latching on them. So you will definitely need some nipple cream. Nipple cream should be applied after every feed, and can help to prevent cracks, grazes and sore nipples. We suggest the Purelan Lanolin Nipple Cream

Nappy Brain

Yes it is true you will really loose some brain cells and memory! The handiest little thing, also inexpensive, that I have come across is the Mothers Minder Nursing Bracelet. Its a silicone wristband with a sliding time scale. You can use it to keep track of the times that you fed baby. Sure some people will laugh at this post and say “i know when the baby is hungry, they will be crying”, but trust us! This little gadget gives you one less thing to worry about and remember!! Its also a great baby shower gift.

Okay, so those are the absolute essentials…. But it does depend on your family and your activities so take at look at the rest of our breastfeeding products online.