Natural Baby Sunscreen

BabyBaby produce a baby sunscreen with natural ingredients and SPF 15.  It is non-greasey, smells great, and stops the sunburn of course.  Babies shouldn’t be out in the sun, but sometimes you just have to go outside with them, so we recommend that they also wear long pants and long sleeved tshirts aswell as sunscreen that is applied regularly.  A lot of parents are unsure about which sunscreen to use for their babies because of the high chemical content of many brands.  That’s where BabyBaby Sunscreen comes in!!


This sunscreen is suitable from newborn to adult.  For babies under 6 months old a skin-patch test is recommended first.

The director from BabyBaby sunscreen has provided us a little blurb about their sunscreen.

Jodee Reid says “We are very upfront about the chemical content in our sunscreen and have battled the constant question as to why we are only an SPF 15 and not higher like a 30 or 50.  We keep our SPF low to offer full coverage without adding the extra chemicals needed to make it a higher SPF, for the most part our sunscreen is made up of more natural ingredients than chemicals.

We actually have a chemical free sunscreen in the works, however,  our customers also love the way our baby sunscreen feels, absorbs, smells, protects – the non chemical is not as nice on the skin and I still question their ability to fully protect the skin.

We keep up with chemicals used in sunscreens and over the years have made changes according to evidence and scientific proof, and our own high standards of ethics.  We are passionate about protecting kids from sun damage having suffered massively from childhood sunburn and now seeing the results.  At the end of the day we want to protect the child’ skin and we believe our sunscreen will do that without causing long term harm.
Babybaby sunscreen is not heavy in chemicals.  You only need to head to the supermarket and see what is in other sunscreens to realize that ours is a safe alternative.  ”

You can order  Baby Sunscreen here

Or read the full list of safe ingredients here