Common Questions about Bras

When should I buy my first HOTmilk maternity & nursing bra?

All women are different and no two pregnancies are the same. The  increase in weight and size of the breast during pregnancy will cause the skin to stretch and the breast to drop, which is why it is important for pregnant women to be fitted for a new bra regularly. 3-4 months is  generally when a woman will first notice an increase in the size of their bust.

A follow up measure at 7 months depending on the development bust size is also recommended.

How big will my breasts grow during pregnancy?
Every woman is different. It is not uncommon for a woman to go up 2-4 band sizes and 2-4 cup sizes in pregnancy. The only way to know is to measure yourself at 3 months and then again at 7 months when your breast size will have stabilised.

Should I wait until after my baby is born to buy my HOTmilk maternity & nursing bras?
We do not recommend women wait until after their baby is born to be fitted for a HOTmilk bra. It is important to wear a maternity/nursing bra  from 3 months as the milk ducts develop during pregnancy and wearing a normal underwire bra during pregnancy can place pressure on the ducts.  This can lead to blocked milk ducts or mastitis during and after pregnancy, which is why Hotmilk maternity bras are underwire free.

Which nursing bra is better, A-frame or side-sling?
HOTmilk bra’s have either an internal A-frame or side-sling support for feeding. Wear which you find most comfortable.  The A-frame provides a triangle frame around the breast when the cup is dropped down for  feeding. This option provides more coverage and support so they are  more suitable for larger bust sizes and in full-cup styles. The side sling cradles the bust from the side of the cup during feeding. As there is less  coverage they can be used in ¾ cup styles. This option provides more skin-on-skin contact between mother and baby during feeding.

How many HOTmilk bras do I need?
Our surveys have shown that a woman will need at least 2-3 HOTmilk maternity/nursing bras.  Women will need their first HOTmilk bra in their first trimester and then another couple at their re-fit at 7 months, to see you through the birth of your baby and milk flow arriving.  This will ensure you will always have a clean, dry bra available when nursing.

If I buy a maternity/nursing bra at 3 months, will I use it again if I grow out of it?
Some customers may hesitate about buying a maternity/nursing bra at 3 months, as they may think it is a waste of money if they will grow out of the bra later in their pregnancy.  But people don’t realise that the bra they
buy at 3 months could still be worn again post-pregnancy when feeding
has decreased and the breasts have reduced in size.

Should I buy my HOTmilk bra one size too big to allow room to grow?
NO. The bra will be unsupportive, not to mention uncomfortable. All of our bras have 6 rows of hooks and eyes to allow room for expansion in the  diaphragm. And our fabrics all have stretch in them for support and comfort.

How should I care for my HOTmilk lingerie?
Always wash in cold water with regular detergent. NO bleach, NO additives. Hand wash in cold water with like colours or place inside a  lingerie bag using your washing machine’s coldwater delicate cycle with  like colours.   All hooks, clips and fastenings need to be closed before  washing.   Hang-dry out of direct sunlight to extend the life of the lingerie. Using a tumble dryer can stretch and distort the shape of lingerie.

Where can I buy HOTmilk?
Online at of course,

Is there a size measuring guide?
Yes use our measuring guide, you can find it here:  Bra Measuring Guide