How Many Maternity Bras

People often ask how many maternity bras they will need to buy, to use after their baby is born.

You need at least two bras.  Any more will depend on how often you wash them and how wet they get.

Look at it this way:

When you have a newborn baby, you are probably going to be wearing a bra 24 hours per day.  The reason for this is because you’ll feel like your breasts need that extra support as they will feel different and heavier with your milk, and also to hold your breast pads in place.

This leads to the second point… depending on how much you leak, and if your breast pads are working, will also affect if your bra gets milk on it.  You might also get milk squirts, baby dribble, and not to mention the occasional baby chuck where it all goes down (and in) your top!

So maybe three bras is a better choice!

  • one to wear
  • one in the wash
  • one to have in the draw ready

It also depends on how often you do laundry.  But then again, a bra is pretty light and even if you could rinse them out in the shower and leave to try on the towel rail.

As mentioned above, you will probably be sleeping in your bra too (or we do have some HOTmilk sleepwear with built in shelf bras which are a little more comfortable).  If you are specifically getting a bra to sleep in, choose quite a plain one with minimal lace and detailing as this will be more comfortable.  We also have some “super comfy sleep bras”