Belly Wrap – How to measure and bind your tummy

With the help of a local mum who just had a baby a few days ago, we made a video to show how to measure yourself for a post-partum belly wrap.  Take a firm measurement around your belly button – and then use this measurement on the Breastmates website here: to see what size you are (XS, S, M, L, XL).    We do have some customers that purchase these when still pregnant, to wear after delivery.   In this instance they are just preparing their shopping early, and typically buy two sizes, such as S and M, so that they have both to try on at home – and then send back whichever one doesn’t suit to get a refund.

To bind your tummy with the belly wrap, open it out behind your back and then pull each end together in front of your tummy.    It can be very difficult to do this to start with, for example the velcro might only just reach.   You’ll also need to stand tall and breathe in, to help when you are binding it around your tummy.    Over time, the velcro will be easier to reach when you pull it together, as your tummy will be shrinking back.

Recommended to wear these after delivery, and try to wear for 8 hours per day.    This is a firm supportive garment for your abdomen and back.    We’ve had many mothers wear these even 2 months after delivery, and they still found benefits.     Read the reviews that we have on Facebook, Google, and our website.