A hypothetical new product, that everyone wants, but what is the price tag?

Modern Bedroom in Light Tones

Due to customer feedback on our Facebook page, the vast majority of our members want sleep more than anything.  Thats our market research done.

New Product: Un-interrupted sleep

For a deep sleep, at least 12 hours

  • uninterrupted
  • luxuriously soft indian cotton,
  • As many pillows and as much duvet as you need
  • no husband’s snoring
  • no waking to empty bladder
  • no labour pains or braxton hicks
  • not having to get up to feed baby
  • no little people to resettle and bed juggle.
  • no children sneaking in
  • no sleepless worries
  • no buzzing mind that won’t settle
  • no neighbour noises nor loud animals
  • no book to read or paperwork to finish before sleeping
  • no alarm clock
  • no cellphone calls
  • no waters breaking in the night
  • no leaking boobs on your sheets
  • no earthquakes

What else shall we add to the list?

Just a deep blissful sleep, were you can energize.

If this sounds like something you need, comment on the blog below.

You can start yourself by going to bed early, at the same time as your kids, one night per week.