Breastfeeding Biscuit Review

It was great to see that the editor of  Bump & Baby magazine had baked up a batch of our Breastfeeding Biscuits and reviewed them!

Here’s a copy of what they wrote:Booster-Biscuit-Review

What it is: An oaty biscuit premix with galactagogue ingredients oats, linseed, and brewer’s yeast, which are said to help boost breast milk supply in breastfeeding mums. You add an egg and butter (or coconut oil) and bake at home, then eat two or three biscuits a day to help pump up your milk supply.

Use it: If you’re a breastfeeding mum and you’re looking for natural ways to help increase your milk supply, and if you’re time-poor and want a quick, healthy snack with benefits.

What we love: It’s a premix, which means the work is done for you! Even in a sleep-deprived fog of new motherhood, it’s easy to add an egg and butter, stir it up, roll into balls, pop on an oven tray, and bake. The result is a semi-sweet oatmeal biscuit, but you can add dried fruit, nuts, chocolate chips, or coconut to suit your personal palate. The mix has been developed with the help of a nutritionist, and it’s made in New Zealand too (we love to support Kiwi businesses). And the reviews on the Breastmates website speak for themselves – mums love this premix and can’t get enough of it.

Our editor says: This biscuit premix is so convenient, particularly for a mum with a new baby. The packet says it makes 20 biscuits, but I ended up with 25 – probably because I stuffed mine with dried cranberries and chocolate chips (don’t judge). The flavour is subtle and oaty – not overly sweet – and delicious with a cuppa. You can store in an airtight container for up to a week or freeze the batch and eat just a few at a time (it’s recommended you eat two or three each day with a glass of water or milk, so one batch will last you a good week, at least). This would be an ideal gift for a friend with a newborn. Buy two packets and bake one up, put the biscuits in a pretty tin, and pop it and the unbaked packet into a gift bag, and your new mum friend will thank you.

Things to remember: The packet doesn’t contain biscuits – it’s got the ingredients already mixed together, ready for you to add an egg and butter and bake yourself. Just in case you think you’re buying a bag of biscuits.