Bust Out Beanie

Your Cambridge News – 16 March 2012

Granny Knitters Wanted Please

bustoutbeanie1_200x267In response to recent publicity surrounding infant feeding issues, Cambridge-based maternity business Breastmates has launched a new baby hat that’s guaranteed to raise a few eyebrows.

The Bust Out Baby Beanie was designed by knitting artist Norelle Kendrick exclusively for Breastmates, and since its launch in late February, Breastmates has hardly been able to keep up with the demand for the humorous product.

“The Bust Out Beanie is currently being knitted by Granny, although she hasn’t told Granddad what she’s working on,” laughs Breastmates owner Frances McInnes. “The hats are flying out the door, and we’re now searching for some local grannies to help knit them for our store.

“We were fortunate that knitting artist Norelle, whom we met through the Brancott Estate World of Wearable Art – where Breastmates has also been a finalist for the past two years – was keen to come on board and design the hat and knit some for us. Norelle makes knitted costumes and is an amazing knitwear designer, and she has certainly put her skills to good use in designing this beanie for us.”

The Bust Out Beanie has great appeal for mums who get tired of being told to “cover up” while they’re feeding their baby in public, and Frances describes the hat as “a gimmick with a message”.

“We sell a huge range of helpful and thoughtful maternity and motherhood products on the Breastmates website, and we’re always receiving queries from mums who need advice on infant feeding. One of the topics I have heard time and again from new mums is that they feel stigmatised when all they want to do is feed their baby,” she explains. “This hat is meant to make people think twice about judging a mum for doing something as natural as breastfeeding, and hopefully give them a giggle too.”

Breastmates is in search of some good, tidy knitters who would like to help us raise the profile of breastfeeding and earn a little bit of money while doing so. Please contact Frances McInnes on (07) 827 8235 to get involved.

If you’d like to order the hat, please click here: Bust Out Baby Beanie