Clothes for Breastfeeding

press_oct092I was reading my October 2009 copy of Little Treasures magazine, and found that a reader had recommended my store.

This is what they said in reply to another reader who’s question was published regard “what to wear while breastfeeding”

“You asked about breastfeeding in public and what to wear.  I thought I would tell you about Breastmates.  They have made short films on each page for the breastfeeding tops showing how they open for nursing.  Its a handy way to see the features of the clothing.  The owner is a “mumpreneur.”  I found her website through an advert in Little Treasures.  I also found tummy wraps (belly bands) have been really good.  I can wear normal clothing and lift up to feed baby without exposing my tummy.”

From Feeding in Public, Auckland