Greatest Mum Award

mother_awards_buttonYOU ARE A GREAT MUM!

Being a mum is hard work. We all want to do our best.

Often we’re too busy looking at other mothers we think are doing a great job that we don’t see them looking back at us thinking the same thing. We’d like to bridge this communication gap by launching a free certificate to download and share.

“Something as simple as encouragement about how well your child is doing can mean the world of difference to a mum,” says Breastmates founder Frances McInnes, mum to two boys, as well as being a small business owner.

“I know myself, if someone just comments on what I am doing as a mum, it really makes me feel encouraged. This year my goal is to help mothers feel encouraged and confident in their parenting ability, and in the choices they make.”

If someone passes you one of these certificates, then you’ll know that your mum skills are noticed. By sending one to a mother you know, you will be making a real difference on a day that may otherwise have been quite a challenge!

Download:  You can download this certificate from the following link, save to your computer, and then email to your friends along with your own message of encouragement.  Download a PDF certificate here (173 KB).