Summertime Maternity Dress

Thank you to Pregnancy Bump and Baby Magazine for showcasing some of our Maternity Dress styles in your summer 2016/17 issue!

They captioned this page with: “Stylish summertime.   Warm-weather styles suitable for pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond.”  It was great that our Haven Maternity Dress was included in their line up, along with some other great brands.

We also got an extra special mention on the editor’s note page for My Pregnancy Must-Haves which featured another Maternity Dress –  Tied Up Maxi Dress.    The editor, Katherine, wrote “I lived in dresses through all my pregnancies, and when they double as breastfeeding clothing?  That’s twice the reason to need this dress, in my opinion.  Comfortable, stylish, NZ-designed and the price is just right”.

It’s always an amazing feeling for me as the designer and owner of Breastmates, that magazines now include my pieces in their pages!!  Here I am busy pottering away and loving my work and thinking about clothes and colours and fabrics and customers, and then “voila” a magazine spread!   What a dream come true!

Pregnancy Bump Baby Magazine
Pregnancy Bump Baby Magazine