Popular Online Parenting Resource

Spring Issue 2009

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“Breast or Bottle?

One of New Zealand’s most popular online parenting resources, Breastmates.co.nz has recently launched a new-look website, making accessing breastfeeding advice and accessories even easier than ever.  The new site contains more than 250 articles on infant feeding and related topics, including videos, paragraphs, and demonstrations contributed by midwives, lactation experts, and mothers alike.  Breastmates founder Frances McInnes says the site is not just for breastfeeding mums, it also has non-judgemental advice for formula feeding mums aswell.  “I wanted my website to consist of honest information to prepare people with the truth, and not unrealistically high expectations.  I can be the person that tells you, ‘Yes, breastfeeding is hard, bit if you can’t do it then forget the guilt trip.'”