Relocated to Cambrige


April 2009

We’ve moved from Auckland to Cambridge.

Introducing Breastmates to our new local community.

Here is the article that was in the local newspaper:

Good news for Cambridge and the greater Waikato region. Breastmates, a successful internet and mail-order business will now be based in Cambridge.

The Breastmates brand is widely known amongst pregnant women, new mothers and midwives around New Zealand as being the “Specialty Breastfeeding Store”. They have a wide range of products that focus on maternity and newborn babies, and provide support and advice.

This business was created by Frances McInnes in 2004, and over that time Frances has developed the website and grown the brand. Frances says that although the business does appear to focus on breastfeeding, she can also help with bottle feeding problems as well.

“As long as baby and mother are happy and healthy, then I’m not going to judge whether they are breast or formula fed”.

Frances and her family have recently relocated to Cambridge, as her husband has secured a new job with Fonterra. They have two sons, aged four and one. Frances says she is lucky to be able to run the Breastmates mail-order business from anywhere in the country and that she has already felt a warm welcome from Cambridge.

The range of products that Frances sells via the Breastmates website includes everything from breast pumps, bottles and sterilisers, nursing pillowsbreastfeeding clothing and nappy bags as well as gorgeousmaternity lingerie and sleepwear that she offers fittings for.

For more information visit or call 0508 breast.