Cord Around Neck

Laura shares the birth story of her daughter Mackenzie


I was a week and a half overdue with my first baby and hadn’t had much movement from the baby.

My midwife suggested getting acupuncture to help bring on labour as I liked the idea of a natural birth, not having to be induced.

So I had the acupuncture and suddenly there was a disco in my tummy, heaps of movement from bubs which made me think that labour was on its way. However 2 days later and nothing.   So I went in to be induced.

I was labouring for about 15 hours with still no baby so ended up having an emergency C-section as the baby’s heartrate went up (indicating it was stressed).

My little darling daughter Mackenzie was born about ten minutes later – and guess what?  We’re so lucky they went with the C section as she had the cord wrapped around her neck four times!!

It makes me wonder if it was the acupuncture that did it as I had had all that movement, maybe it caused the cord to wrap around so many times? Who knows! We are so lucky to have her anyway 🙂

~ Welcome Mackenzie ~