Support for VBAC

We asked our Mother Community if they were in the “VBAC Club”.  85 women replied with some empowering and supportive words.  The main point was that birth is a miracle, however the baby comes out!!

VBAC = Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section

Here are their unedited comments. Have a read, and feel encouraged!

Are you in the VBAC club?

Very proud to say yes! 🙂

YUP! Twice!

I wish I was but I’m too risky to go natural

Hopefully very soon. Due tomorrow.

Tried but wasn’t to be!

I tried, but my little girl had other ideas (11 days overdue, 20+ hours in labour, meconium, distress = 2nd c-section). Oh well, so glad I got to experience labour – something I didn’t get 1st time around.

Am very glad to say yes, twice.

Would love to be – baby is breech and 10 weeks to go. Mega fingers crossed that bubs does a flip.

Yes & it was so special.

Unfortunately no… I tried but it didn’t work….

nope I am in the elective club, giant babies with giant heads – second one nearly was a disaster and so opted for sunroof for my third- GREAT experience, birth is so over rated IMO…..a whole lot of pain, and no medal to show for it LOL!! My 2 natural births were FAR FAR worse then my elective.

Yes I am, but I have to say the best lesson it taught me is that birth is beautiful in whatever form it takes, something I found difficult to recognise after my first was a c/section. So be proud of the incredible miracle you were a part of, the making of your gorgeous babe, even if you didn’t end up with a VBAC ♥

I hope to be

I planned to, but bubs went overdue, wasn’t engaged and my cervix wasn’t ready, so I ended up having another c/section. Just happy to have two happy healthy boys now.

Nope… tried, but 2 weeks over and bubs wasn’t budging, and I wasn’t about to let them near me with induction drugs after my first experience. This bubs (3rd) will be an elective.

I will hopefully be with the next one, was anyones first one an elective c-section though or all emergency after labour had started?

Yes I had natural the c section because of breech then VBAC 32weeks at the moment and baby is in breech

I planned to try, but my girl was 9 days over due and my cervix was not favourable AT ALL, and I was totally over it all, I was running after a 14 month old as well, so we brought my elective forward (it was booked for 42 weeks). I don’t regret my choice at all, as I think it was the best thing for me and my baby

Not yet but hoping to be. Have had 2 c-sect but still holding on to some hope for a VBAC

Mine was elective. My son was in breech pos and I knew he wouldn’t turn so we booked in the section. I did go into early labour and ended up having a day before the booked date ha-ha. I’m pregnant with twins now and wanted to have a vbac but midwife doesn’t think it will happen

We’ll see come March …. Though I don’t mind either way, don’t feel like I failed or am less of a woman/mum because 1st was a C-section. What will be will be, and it doesn’t matter how they get out as long as they get out safe!

Yip – first a breech (9 years ago) then 2 natural deliveries. But healthily baby healthy mum is the way to be.

I have so much respect for ladies who have had VBACs, that’s awesome

Tried but unfortunately no…First was elective due to breech. Second bub, after 66 hours labour, bub wouldn’t engage and I was too impatient to wait any longer!

Yes & very proud! I was terrified of the vbac but it was the most amazing, empowering experience ever. Will definitely go that route again next time.

Thank you everyone who has posted that they were happy with a non VBAC, whether attempted or not. It has helped my thinking LOTS (in a really short time frame too). I’m not going to be devastated any more if I c-sect the second time round. You ladies rock.

Yep I am. Elective c/s with breach first time. 14 hour labour with second baby, had vontouse in end as I was in extreme pain because of his position (his shoulder pushing on something, midwife got ob to come check scar but nothing to do with that), I had been pushing just over 2 hours and they don’t really like you going that long when you are vbac, but one push with help of vontouse and out he popped so I was very happy with that.

Unfortunately no, tried, but son decided he was too chilled out to come down the birth canal even after being in labour for 12 hours lol, so had 2 emergency c-sections

I just had a c-section after 2 Vaginal Births. Tried labour for 8 hours but he just wouldn’t come down. Disappointed but ecstatic to have a healthy baby. Would not recommend a Caesar to anybody (unless absolutely necessary) Great to see so many women still try for a VBAC and don’t just give up on the idea. I won’t be having any more so unfortunately end my birthing experience with a c-section.

I was only willing to attempt a vbac with #2, but sadly he was early due to pre-eclampsia, and induction wouldn’t work, so he was semi-emergency c/s. #1 was elective due to footling breech. #3 was a 2nd tri loss, but was a vbac…currently pregnant with #4 and not sure what I will do….guess it depends what happens when due, – as long as you and baby come out healthy – that’s all that matters…

Yes, my boy was undiagnosed breech with me labouring to 8 cms at home for midwife to tell me I was breech! Then my daughter 22 months later, natural. Natural way better for me. I think I had to experience the whole childbirth thing to know I had done it!

I planned a repeat C-Sect (didn’t like the risks for uterine rupture) – I was in hard labour as they were rushing me to theatre and had the VBAC on the operating table surrounded by surgical staff! Everyone was elated. I think it goes to show, what will be will be, so long as we have healthy babies at the end of it, it is a success!

Hoping to be. Due in 2 weeks! Fingers crossed!

Tried for VBA4C, but had another c/s. actually laboured with this one for 11hrs. Nothing at all with the first 4 babies. After baby still being very high and cervix doing nothing went in for c/s. Just as well we did…..I had ruptured my uterus and had a hole in it about as big and the rim of a coffee cup. Ob and M/W could see his hair thru it. Thank God he was looking after me.

Have just found out were preggie again (bubs is only 5mths old) so am quite scared. Won’t be able to have a vbac but I’ve had the experience and I’m thankful for that. But I just want a healthy baby.

Sure am. First birth I didn’t really know what to expect and became too tired from a posterior labour and a poor epidural. 2nd time around I’d read a lot and had understanding and determination and had a beautiful VBAC with 3 hour labour and just 15 minutes of pushing.

I did VB, then C, then VBAC.

I tried too but it ended up being an emergency c-sect. Found out after that my pelvis is more shaped like a males so my babies could not fit through.

I have had 4 VBA2C’s one of them was an 11lber too. 🙂

I tried for the VBA4C thing…..this is the website we used to find out stats as the NZ one my OB was telling us was 20 years old.

I am pregnant with #5 and have always resigned myself to c-sect’s (not that there is anything wrong with that). I have just always wondered what a natural birth is like. I do have a strong history of pre-eclampsia, eclampsia and poor placental function towards the end so I’m guessing the Dr’s won’t look at me favourably for a VBA4C.. And yes, at the end of the day I know we will still have a healthy baby, and Mum!

YES! And didn’t know it was a club ha-ha so yay about that. 1st was emergency c-section after 27hr labour and his heart started stopping – all ended well thank golly gosh! 2nd was vbac and 18hour labour and no stitches! 3rd was vbac also! And no stitches again after 3.5hours established labour! All very different experiences but good god I’d never ever choose to have a csection! Ouch ouch ouch, my 1st vbac I was sore for bout 2 weeks, 3rd baby never had any soreness whatsoever. As for my csection baby-well I was very much out of action for a long time after my wound also got infected!

VBAC after twins, 1st one was a normal delivery and the 2nd was an emergency C-Section. VBAC was for my third son who arrived unplanned on the bedroom floor!

I always thought I’d be a c/s person and had a hard time excepting that but when preggie with #5 I joined this website. all woman wanting vbac…so encouraging.

Am a proud VBACer…. Next mission is to HBAVAC…!!!!

My c-section went well – scar is the best my midwife has seen – healed beautifully. However – my mobility is still affected 4 weeks later – my tummy still stings – not the scar but where they pull your tummy open after they have cut it. And a big area of my belly is almost totally numb.
I naturally had 2 big babies (9 pound 1 and 9 pound 7) with no pain relief, no stitches, tearing or anything, 1st labour was 5 hours, 2nd was 2 hours. Unfortunately 3rd baby was 10 pound 14 and just didn’t wanna come out the natural way – We tried though…got to fully dilated. I still can’t bear to look at my tummy and haven’t touched it. So even though the procedure went well it has still had very negative affects on my body. I also feel like I need to detox after all the anaesthetic etc.

Nope, and proud of my 2 c-sect! DS was a induced, undiagnosed breech with cord around neck 5 times, and as it was, he was close to death with c-sect, was not taking any risk second time round, but as it was went into labour at home 3 weeks prior to c-sect date, so got to experience a few hours of labour with DD as well!

Yes …… still had to go to theatre due to bad tearing!

I would really like to see a bit more support for women after a c-section. Just some emotional support and an avenue for sharing their experiences? I have found it quite scary as I had no idea what was normal e.g. pain, movement, mobility… I still don’t really know much about it as in what I can do now one month after the procedure…

This is the best website ever – it’s based in America, but the ladies were so supportive and encouraging it was lovely.

Yes with my first but was told through the whole labour it was likely to be a c-section so happy it was natural. Hopefully my baby due in 2 weeks will be the same too

Yes I am in that club first was jammed under rib cage and was unable to be turned so C-section then I had 2 normal births a few yrs later. I found having a supportive midwife helped and also support form my hospital to do it on the condition I had them at the hospital as we do live 30misn away just incase something went wrong I could be in the OR ASAP. I did not enjoy the first VBAC but loved the second one

No I didn’t. My first was a very scary emergency csection after 30 hours of labour. My second was an elective csection and was the most incredible experience of my life with my husband and I cuddling our little boy from the moment he was pulled out. I enjoyed every single second of it and would do it again in a heartbeat.

I tried to join the VBAC club but number 2 ended up an emergency C-section like her brother.

Yes me too… 1st natural, 2nd emergency c-section 3rd, natural so was great!! No problems just very delayed labour bubba fell asleep halfway thru contractions!! Very tiring but well worth the wait!

I have had two vaginal births after two c-sections 🙂

Yip, glad I’ve experienced both!! 🙂

No, but I tried my best! My first was an elective for kneeling breech, and second one I was 10 days overdue, and after 26 hours of labour and only getting to 6CM, I made the call to have an emergency c-section. The back-up MW I had would have let me go on for days to get that baby out naturally. Grr.     My baby wasn’t in any distress the whole time, which is why they let me keep going. Will be having electives from now on! I absolutely loved my experience first time around.

Yip, had emergency c/s with twins first time round, then had a vbac second time – 12hr labour from 1st contraction to baby being born, mw left the room to get a drink and head came out – 1 more push and my 11lb 11oz girl was here! So glad that I got to have a vbac, it was the best feeling ever to know my body could do what it needed it to 🙂

Yes – and very pleased to be so! After a 27 hour labour with our daughter which resulted in c-section and months of recovery (not just physical) the less than 6 hours with our son was fantastic!

Yes I had a homebirth for my second after a nasty C-section experience with my first. It was a very healing experience and I was over the moon to be feeling so good afterwards!

Yes, had emergency c-sec after 20 hr labour and good recovery and then vbac (without pain relief as no time) after 2hr labour – would have preferred to have had an epidural!! But all good with both of them!

yes!!!! Recovery so far has been astounding! I also really loved being lucid as soon as he was born, instead of being high on painkillers!

Yes, I am 35 weeks and planning to VBAC – fingers crossed all goes to plan 🙂

I’m a 2VBAC!…I will be going in to have my last baby via C-section (once I get preggy that is lol) as I will be getting my tubes tied at the same time…I wanted 6 kids, but I am having bodily issues :S

I love it when VBAC’s birth it is such a sense of empowerment for the woman and I feel blessed to be part of it every time.

Yes as of Saturday 25th!!! First baby was breech so had CS.
My waters broke but contractions never started. When the drugs kicked in I went from no contractions to one every min, with no drugs. Very quick and painful, but totally worth it. I… loved the experience so did my husband. I just hope the next one is more natural.

I tried very hard to go natural with my 2nd after an emergency c-sec round 1, but it didn’t work out so well, with ob having to pull bubs out with every tool imaginable and me developing a very nasty infection – will definitely have c-sect for my 3rd if there is a 3rd.

Tried for a VBAC with my 2nd which resulted in another emergency section so for the 3rd I went the elective way and had my tubes done at the same time! I’m not built to birth babies!

Yup…with the help of ventouse I managed to have VBAC

Yep in the VBAC club. Great to have experienced both. BUT I really don’t know I would want natural birth again … I tore, really badly, in the most sensitive area that you really don’t want to tear! And that took a LONG time to get over. And I also have a prolapsed cervix, so yeah, kind of wish I went down the elective route really … We are done at 2 babies pretty much because of what #2 did to my body!

Sure am!! 🙂 So happy to have Koby by VBAC

Another VBAC here, complications after for me but a whole heap better experience than my first child’s birth who was an induction and emergency c-section.

I was able to have a VBAC with No.2 after an emergency c-section with my first. I was booked in for an elective c-section just after Xmas and then told as I was being prepped for theatre that I had to go home and wait another week as the maternity ward was full! I was devastated at the time and terrified that I would go into labour and rupture! I felt that this fear would interfere should I attempt a VBAC and was focused on the risks to my baby etc. However I went into labour in the meantime on my own and decided to give a VBAC a try while I was being constantly monitored. Adrenaline took over and I was drawn into the birthing process and didn’t really have time to think about the risks. I am glad I got to experience birth both ways and can say that there are pros and cons for both.

Sure Am! She came on the due date and very quickly … long story short had an emergency home birth = D All much unprepared for such an event living 45min away from the nearest hospital! But we have the very best midwife ever in Raglan – Jeana Grace!

Yep, so pleased. Had acupuncture in the last few weeks of pregnancy to get bubs in the right position.

I am a VBAC! thankfully…have only had 1 boy, but pre-eclampsia got the best of me n I was induced at 37wks needless to say 5mths on, he’s healthy strong n loves to talk n laugh. Prayerfully, my new pregnancies will be natural too, but hey sometimes you gotta go with whatever’s thrown at you as every baby/birth is different.