Quick Birth in Bathroom at Home

Stacey shares her birth story


I was only 18 when I had my first child.   I had only been to 1 birthing class as I was the oldest girl in the girl in the class and felt it a waste of time, they were teaching us to fold nappies and as the eldest of 5 kids I knew enough to know I was going to be using diposables.

I had no idea what to expect really so on the night I woke up with belly ache at 2am I didn’t feel like it was a big deal, I woke up my mum and she tried to ring the midwife, unfortunately she had just finished with another birth and gone home to bed so we were put through to the back up.

By this time I was in real pain and had started to cry with panic, the midwife told me to calm down, take a panadol, go back to bed and stop behaving like an overreacting teenager…. I hung up her.

My best friend and her boyfriend were staying with us (she was also 5 months pregnant) Amie stayed with me in mums bathroom where I had shut myself and helped me take a bath and at this point I started to scream and wanted to push.  My sister showed up from a night on the town and asked what all the fuss was about!!

Mum had got the midwife back on the phone and told her we were going to come to the hospital and as Amie helped me out of bath I could feel immense pressure.

She sat me back on the toilet as my legs started to go out from under me and at that point she notice a liitle head appear and raced to get my mum, she came back very quick and tried to drag me to the floor as my baby fell out and hit the floor!

All my pain stopped and Amie scooped up the little pink slimy thing off the floor and wrapped him in a towel.  We just sat there staring at each other in shock then looked up to see my mum screaming abuse at the midwife on the phone, Amie’s horrified boyfriend, my drunk sister AND my brothers godfather all with very white faces.

It was 3:30am

Mum called an ambulance and we were taken to hospital.  I had a third degree tear but my baby boy was just fine despite kissing the floor at birth.  Amie was not so well knowing she had to do it herself in a few months!!

My second birth was a quick one also 2 hours but I had a nice midwife a hospital room that time =)