Stephanies Unexpected and Quick Labour at Home

Stephanie shares her birth story (quick labour)

Stephanie's baby born - freshly born
Stephanie’s baby born – freshly born

After a reasonably quick and straight forward delivery with my girl, I was anticipating a similar experience with my second baby.

I began having contractions about 5.30am, which developed pretty well. Even managed to drive my 3 year old to daycare (just a bit awkward).

After giving a heads up to hubby and Nana (my mum to look after the big monster), labour completely stalled out by lunch time.

No amount of walking would make this bubs budge.

We still had Nana come stay just in case, and I spent the evening watching TV with her, then started getting a few good niggles. Enough to take my breath away but nothing consistent.

Tried going to bed about 10.30pm but too uncomfortable. The next 1.5 hours I spent contracting but still didn’t feel consistent enough to call my midwife.

At midnight i finally felt it was time to get in touch. While speaking to my backup midwife (mine was having a day off) my waters broke and it was all go from there. Contractions became too much and decided I was unable to travel. Hubby was on phone with ambulance just in case as we live 20mins from nearest township.

After trying not to push a few times, I finally gave in. With only 2 good pushes my boy was born on the bathroom floor, with me catching him.

The look on hubby’ s face when he realised what had happened was priceless.

Barely less than 20 minutes from calling the midwife and my waters breaking, little man (3.5kgs) was born at about 12.22am while my daughter slept soundly just across the hall.

Midwife arrived soon after and only after delivering the placenta, could I manage to get up from the bathroom floor.

It was a surreal experience but much better than delivering in the car in middle of winter.

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